Futures Group


Group Description

The Futures Group is an introduction into the world of competitive swimming. An emphasis will be placed on developing a love for the sport of swimming in a fun and educational atmosphere. Developing proficiency in both freestyle and backstroke and an introduction to butterfly and breaststroke will be the foundation upon which the Futures group will function. Gaining confidence in the water, kicking, learning the fundamentals of all four strokes, racing starts, and having FUN will be a focus.

Age Range

-5-9 years old

Group Requirements

-Completion of a 25 freestyle and a 25 backstroke

Practices offered weekly

-2x       45-minute afternoon swim workouts

-1x       45-minute Saturday workout at Brooks YMCA

Season Length Options


-Session 1: Fall Session (September 20th – December 11th)

-Session 2: Winter Session (December 13th  - March 5th

-Summer Session TBD 


The Futures group will be offered at the Brooks YMCA site.

Coaching Assignments

Ariel Howard (Lead)