Parent Involvement


Part of having your child benefit from year-round swimming is fulfilling your service obligation.  

We will call for volunteers, but keep in mind that service is obligatory rather than optional.  Even more than other youth sports, parent participation is necessary in swimming. 


The meets cannot run without the participation of the parents.  Typically Cavalier Aquatics will receive assignments from the host team that may include timers and stroke and turn officials.  Our coordinator will fill those slots by creating an electronic sign-up which will be distributed to the team.  When you enter a child in a meet, also look for the Job Signup, it's located on the meet event page.  You should plan to work at least a portion of most meets you attend, usually a two-hour timing shift.  


With the addition of the Brooks facility, we will have an increased need for in-house officials.  These positions include both dry deck (admin, timing official, etc.) and wet deck (stroke and turn, starter, referee).  Also, it is important that our officials are dual certified in both USA-Swimming and YMCA Swimming.  The requirements are similar, but there are some differences.  Please view this document for the requirements, relationships, etc.  Contact Lisa Bendall for more information.

Team Operations:

Working the meet is a must, but there are many additional ways to serve at Cavalier Aquatics.  You can help behind the scenes, e.g., plan a social event or be part of the fun during spirit week.  Your best resource is the parent council (scroll to the bottom, below the coaches) to find out how you can become involved.