Prince William Swim Club offers a variety of programs for swimmers ages 5 to 18 and all levels.  We strive to provide as specific of skill development and training as possible to meet the needs of every swimmer. 

Before signing your child to a specific group, please make sure that you are aware of what each level encompasses and that your child is ready for that level, based on coaches’ recommendations.  If you are unsure of what group to sign him/her up for, feel free to contact Lorena Caballero (Head Coach) at [email protected]


We swim out of four facilities:

  • Dale City Rec Center (DCRC):  14300 Minnieville Road, Dale City
  • Chinn Aquatic and Fitness Center:  13025 Chinn Park Drive, Woodbridge
  • PWCS Aquatic Center (Colgan HS):  13833 Dumfries Road, Manassas
  • Veteran's Park (Vets):  14300 Featherstone Road, Woodbridge (summer only)



Junior II: 2 hrs per week (10 and younger)

  • Swimmer should have basic knowledge of all four competitive strokes. Emphasis is still on technique work by means of drills, as well as teaching/perfecting starts and turns.  Swimmers will be working towards achieving an IMR score.  No prior club experience is required.  Participation in meets is appropriate and highly encouraged.


Advanced Junior:  4 hrs per week (11 and younger)

  • Knowledge and ability to swim all 4 strokes and the 100 IM is required for entry into the group. Stroke development will still be the main emphasis, as well as developing endurance and racing skills as the season progresses. Swimmers will be taught pace clock management and how to understand and execute swimming sets. Swimmers in this group are expected to compete in meets throughout the season, with a goal of completing the IMR and IMX challenges.


Pre-Senior II: up to 6 per week (11- to 14-year-old and in middle school)

  • This program is for swimmer’s whose technique and capability to swim all four strokes has been established and they want to continue to develop their swimming skills and abilities, while having flexibility in time commitment.  The focus of this group is to continue to develop their technique thru a variety of drills, introducing them to the training aspect of swimming and racing strategies.  Meet attendance is encouraged.


Pre-Senior I: Up to 8 hrs per week (11- to 14-year-old and in middle school)

  • This group is intended for those swimmers who are committed to swimming and would like to step up to an extra challenge. Swimmers in this group will continue to fine-tune their stroke technique, training skills, understanding of water dynamics, and racing skills. They should work towards achieving an IMX score and qualifying for the IMX games.  Swimmers are expected to attend and compete in meets regularly.


Advanced Pre-Senior, up to 10 hours (11 to 14-year-old and in middle school): by Coaches’ recommendation

  • This group is intended for swimmers that are ready to make this their primary sport. They are looking for extra challenges to further their stamina and speed. Swimmers in this group will continue to finesse their stroke technique, training skills, understanding of water dynamics, and racing skills. Swimmers at this level have at least a 1,500 IMX score. Typical goals of this group are Age Group Championships finalists, National Age Group Championship Qualifications, and beyond. Swimmers are expected to attend 8 to 10 hrs of practices/week and to compete in meets regularly.


Senior II (Up to 8 hrs) or Senior III (Up to 6 hrs)

  • Offers a variety of commitment levels to HS age swimmers and may choose the group based on their desire to commit to swimming
  • Senior II and III will continue to focus on proper technique and maintaining that technique as their training load increases.  Attendance at meets is highly encouraged.


Senior I (Up to 12 hrs):  by Coaches’ recommendation

  • For swimmers 14 years and older.  This is our highest program level, and it is for swimmers with the ability and desire to train and compete at a regional and national level.  Swimmers are required to have a 90% attendance and must compete regularly at meets, including high level championship meets. 

** Scheduled programs and times subject to change as we are waiting for final contracts with Prince William County Pools and Prince William Aquatic Center