Quest Swim School FAQs   s    


What are the prices for group lessons, private lessons, or semi-private lessons?

Prices will vary depending on how many classes are included in a session

Most sessions include 8 classes, others may include 6 or sometimes up to 10 classes. 


All groups lessons are $20.00 per half hour.

All Beginner classes are 30 mins ($20 per class)

All Intermediate classes are 45 mins ($30 per class)

Stroke School is 1 hour ($40 per class)

Adult classes are 45 mins ($30 per class)


Private lessons are $35 for 30 mins. 

Semi-Private lessons are $30 per child, for 30 mins. 


What are the Class times, Schedules, & Sessions?

Basic Scheduling options are as follows for our Fall, Winter, & Spring Sessions:

All levels are offered either once a week or twice a week:

- once a week on Saturday mornings at Woodlake AFC

- once a week on Sunday afternoons at Woodlake AFC

- twice a week during the day time between 11-2, on either 

  Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday at Woodlake AFC.

- twice a week in the evenings between 4:30-7 on either Monday and 

   Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday at Woodlake AFC. 


Specific class times will vary depending on the session. 

Class times for the upcoming sessions are posted just before registration opens up. 

We offer 1-3 sessions per season (depends on how often per week the class meets).


During our Summer Sessions we offer classes at Woodlake AFC and Evergreen REC. 

We continue to offer the same class times offered above EXCEPT for our twice a week mid-day class times. Instead, we offer classes 4 times a week Monday-Thursday between 10 AM - 1 PM at Woodlake AFC and Evergreen REC. 


How many swimmers are in each class?

All our beginner classes have a 4:1 student to instructor ratio. 

All Intermediate classes have a 5:1 ratio. 

Stroke School classes have 9:1. 


How do I register and pay for a Session?

You will register and pay for any of our classes on our website under the “Swim School Registration” button found on our home page. Then use the drop box to select “group lessons” and your location choice. Continue to narrow your search by selecting the session, & then scroll down to the class you are interested in and click register. If the class you need is already full- PLEASE add yourself to our wait list. We do our best to get everyone in off the waitlist and at the very least you are added to our email list and will be notified when the next registration opens up! 


We do not accept cash or checks. 


What do I need to bring each lesson?

Un-potty trained swimmers MUST wear swim diapers. 

Long hair should be tied back.

We ask that our Beginner Q1 swimmers do not wear goggles for safety reasons, we want them to get used to water in their eyes. However, if it is inhibiting their progress they may wear them. All other levels benefit greatly from goggles though it is not a requirement. We have a limited number of goggles at the pool that they may borrow if needed.


What if my child misses a class, what is the make up policy?

Make ups are not guaranteed unless the cancellation is due to inclement weather or pool malfunction. In the event of a thunderstorm or pool malfunction, make ups are scheduled on the first available Friday at the same time your class is usually held. We honor as many Friday makeups that are possible during a given session. 

If you miss a class due to illness, one make up is permitted if there is space in another class. No make ups are guaranteed for vacation or other commitments. 


Can I get a refund instead of a make up?

We cannot offer refunds for classes missed due to illness, vacation or other obligations. We do our very best to get your child in for a make up. Please take note of the dates listed for each session to be sure you can attend the full session.


Do I have to get into the water with my child?

All of our Q1 classes CAN BE a parent child class. 

However, none of our Q1 classes HAVE to be a parent child class unless it is clearly stated in the course description. All two year olds must be in a Q1 P/C (Parent/Child), Q1 or Q2 class regardless of skill level. These are the safest levels for that age group due to size! All swimmers are taught to their level. 


How can I schedule/pay private or semi-private lessons?

One child per one instructor constitutes a private lesson. 

Two children per instructor constitutes a semi-private lesson. 

For semi-private lessons we do not arrange partners, you will need to arrange your own swim buddy! Semi-private swimmers are most successful when they are close in skill level. 


Private and semi-private lessons are scheduled around our group lesson program. Scheduling is dependent on the swimmer’s availability, instructor’s availability, and space in the pool around groups. 


We are currently on a waiting list for all of our private and semi-private lessons. In order to be added to our waiting list, please reach out to our private lesson coordinator, Anastasia Carneal, by email at with your child’s name, age and swim level, a phone number she can best reach you, and your availability for the lesson. 


In order to pay for private or semi-private lessons you will have to coordinate with Anastasia Carneal as she will open up private lesson registration for you and close it when you are finished. To schedule a payment please email Anastasia Carneal. 


You will register and pay for any of our classes on our website under the “Swim School Registration” button found on our home page. Then use the drop box to select “Private or Semi-private lessons” and your location choice. Scroll down to find the package discussed and click register.


We do not accept cash or checks. 


Further Questions?

Our director Kelly Cleary can be reached best by text message at 804-929-8929 or by email

Her assistant, Anastasia Carneal, can be reached best by email at