Quest Swim School FAQs   s    


Due to coronavirus, what precautions is Quest taking?

Following Federal and State guidelines for Phase 1: 

  • Students are taught ONE PER LANE with the exception of siblings on or near the same level, and accompanying adults if beginner.
  • Our lessons are structured differently to adjust to the limited number of students we can teach at a time. "Group lesson" sizes are smaller than usual. This is an excellent time to take lessons! 
  • We are taking instructors' temperatures and all students' and accompanying adults' temperatures before entering. We use a no-touch temporal thermometer. 100+ or children with colds will be asked to reschedule. There are no penalties.
  • Come prepared to get in and please exit after your lesson to reduce the number of people on deck. Our host will help direct traffic!
  • Bathrooms are for emergencies only, please.
  • We do not have "loan-out" goggles to borrow anymore, so please don't forget your goggles if you want them!
  • We will follow these social distancing guidelines until a new phase that allows instructors to be in the water with the students, giving support when needed.
  • All high traffic areas are regularly disinfected, as are the teaching aids like toys and noodles. Chlorine and sunshine kill the virus so the pool is a great place to be!
  • The pool is OUTDOOR! The bubble is off for the summer and the water is beautiful and clean!

What are the Class times, Schedules, & Sessions?

Currently, ALL Lessons are CUSTOM SCHEDULED. You must contact Kelly or Anastasia to schedule.

All group, private and semi-private lessons are taught on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please know we try our best to schedule siblings at or near the same time. We also schedule friends together wherever possible.

You may take 1, 2 or 3 lessons per week if space allows. We try for 1 or 2.


What are the prices for group lessons, private lessons, or semi-private lessons?

All groups lessons are $25.00 per half hour.

All Beginner group classes are 30 mins ($25 per class)

All Intermediate group classes are 45 mins ($37.50 per class)

Stroke School classes are 1 hour ($50 per class)

Adult classes are 45 mins- 60 mins ($37.50-$50 per class)


Private lessons are $50 for 30 mins. 

Semi-Private lessons are $35 per child, for 30 mins. 

For semi-private lesson you arrange up your swim buddy, Quest does not.

Lessons are most succesful when participants are at a close or equal level. 


How do I register and pay for a Session?

Changes to Registration Process due to the Phase 1 Reopen Virginia Measures:

ALL LESSONS must be set up with Kelly or Anastasia BEFORE REGISTRATION!

If you register without consulting and securing a lesson time, you will not receive the lessons. You will get a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are doing our best and are extremely happy to have our lessons available for as many participants as possible. Phase 2 is announced this weekend and we hope to be able to reach out to more people in our community to teach water safety and a life-long love of swimming!


ALL LESSONS, Group and Private or Semi-private, must be paid for online. Kelly or Anastasia will open your classes for you and then you must notify us that your registration was successful or that you need help.


At this time, lessons that are available for registration are open for people who have made arrangements with Kelly or Anastasia only. Contact us for lesson availability.

Kelly: 804-929-8929, Anastasia:


You will register and pay for any of our classes through this website under the “Swim School Registration” button found on our home page. Then use the drop box to select your program filter and your location filter. 


We do not accept cash or checks. 


What level should I register my child for?

We have four levels: Beginner (Q1-Q3), Novice (Q4-Q6), Intermediate (1 & 2), & Stroke School (Advanced).

CLICK HERE for Swim Level descriptions or visit the Group Structure tab under Quest Swim School.


What do I need to bring each lesson?

Please come dressed in a swimsuit, ready to swim!

For now the changing rooms are closed and bathrooms are only open in the event of an emergency. 

Un-potty trained swimmers MUST wear swim diapers. 

Long hair should be tied back.

We ask that our Beginner Q1 swimmers do not wear goggles for safety reasons, we want them to get used to water in their eyes. However, if it is inhibiting their progress they may wear them. All other levels benefit greatly from goggles though it is not a requirement.


We do not have goggles to borrow at this time.


In the event of a thunderstorm do we still have class?

In the event of thunderstorm, the pool closes for 30 mins following the last sight of lightening or sound of thunder. If classes are cancelled due to the pool closing, we will post that information under the "Weather Updates" tab under Quest Swim School and we will send an email out as soon as possible. For more information, please visit our "Weather Updates" tab under Quest Swim School. 


If classes are canceled due to inclement weather, make ups will be scheduled on the next available date. 

During Phase 1 of reopening, there are no penalities for missed classes. We keep track of the lessons you have purchased and they will all be honored.


Further Questions?

Anastasia Carneal can be reached best by email at

Our director Kelly Cleary can be reached best by text message at 804-929-8929 or to send her an email: