The Quest Swim School provides a variety of different offerings for each type of swimmer, regardless of age and/or ability. Please see below for a brief description of the different levels and the group structure within the Quest Swim School:


Quest Swim School Level Descriptions (Ages listed are approximate)


Beginner Q1 and Beginner Q1 Parent/Child:

Ages 2-5

For children new to lessons or children not comfortable putting their face underwater

Beginner Q2:

Ages 2-7

For children that can put their face underwater and that aren't afraid to float on their back or front. Children still need to learn how to do a front and/or back float. All 2 year olds belong in Q1, Q1 Parent/Child, or Q2.

Beginner Q3:

Ages 3-9

For children that can float on their back but CAN NOT swim independantly, even for a short distance.

Beginner Q4:

Ages 3-10

For children that CAN swim 10-15 feet independantly, but CAN NOT make the entire length of a 25 yard pool.

Beginner Q5:

Ages 3-10

For children that can paddle the length of a 25 yard pool and roll front to back, blowing bubbles.

Beginner Q6:

Ages 3-10

For children that can swim freestyle and backstroke but that need work on balance, technique, and endurance.

Intermediate 1:

Ages 5-11

For children that can swim 25 yards freestyle and backstroke but CAN NOT swim breaststroke or butterfly. They need to learn a legal breaststroke and fundamental butterfly.

Intermediate 2:

Ages 4-12

For children that can swim freestyle and backstroke, that have a legal breaststroke kick and can do the fundamental movements of butterfly, but CAN NOT swim breaststroke or butterfly legally.

Stroke School:

We have a 12 & under group and a 13 & over group

For children that can swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly legally but wants to improve with the help of Quest coaches and instructors. We use underwater video analysis and are in the pool with the athletes much of the clinic. This is the last step of progression before we encourage them to get evaluated for the year-round competitive Quest Swimming team.