Weather Cancellations:

Storms (thunder and lightning) are common and quite unpredictable in Central Virginia – especially during certain times of the year. Quest Swim School ALWAYS makes safety our top priority with regards to whether we offer class or not. With that being said, the following adverse weather policy is in effect, year-round.


We will make a final decision about the cancellation of each swim lesson up to 15 minutes after the class start time. For example, a 2:00 pm class may not be cancelled until 2:15 pm in the event of thunder and lightning.

In the event of a cancellation, families will be notified via text and email. 

You can also find information about class cancellations here on our website under the "Weather Alerts" Tab. 

If you aren't recieving our text alerts, make sure your text alerts are turned on via your captyn account.

Each participant in a cancelled class will be provided a “Quest Swim School Token” (see below on how to redeem your tokens).


Absences & Sicknesses:

Due to our strict class capacity limits and ever-growing popularity, there are no make-up classes offered for unexcused absences.

Excused absences include illness with a doctor’s note or note of absence from school. Excused absences DO NOT include vacations, birthday parties, or other overlapping commitments.

Extenuating circumstances happen, if you are absent for any unique circumstances and desire a token for the missed class, please email us at [email protected]

In the event of an excused absence we will issue you a “Quest Swim School Token” (see below on how to redeem your tokens).



Cancellations by the Quest Swim School and/or excused absences are the only way to receive “Quest Swim School Tokens”. Tokens never expire and can be redeemed as long as you are currently enrolled in the program.

Customers can keep track of their tokens on their Captyn account. Please contact Chad Onken to redeem your tokens. Tokens can be redeemed (one per month) for the following, provided your membership is up to date and active:


  1. 15% off an upcoming monthly membership fee. Credit will be added to your account for the next month’s membership fees.
  2. One free make-up group lesson if/when our schedule and group numbers allow for it. If, by logging into your Captyn account, you see a class that fits your son/daughter’s needs and there is an opening in that class, please contact us and we can move you into that class for one session.



Membership fees are non-refundable.

We must have at least 5 days notice before the first if you would like to cancel your membership.

There are no refunds for any missed classes or cancellations. 

Please plan accordingly!


If you feel that you have an extremely unique situation or circumstance and would like to request a refund,

please contact Chad Onken ([email protected]).