At this time, we are not currently scheduling group swim lessons due to restrictions in place to protect against COVID-19. 




 Our Minnow lessons will focus on the following skills: comfortably submerge face, bobbing, support float on front, support float on back, bubble blowing, rollover from front to back, enter and exit the water independently, supported kicking on front & back and the introduction of gliding on front and back. Swimmers will also learn basic water safety rules, and begin to practice diving for objects in shallow water.   Minnow class is held from 4 - 4:30 PM. 

 Our Snapper lessons will continue skills learned in the Minnow class with the addition of the following skills: explore deeper water with support, prone and back float or glide, stepping from the side of the pool into chest deep water, recovery to horizontal back float, demonstrate flutter kick on front, and demonstrate flutter kick on back. Snapper lessons will also introduce the rollover breath for freestyle as well as body position for elementary backstroke skills. Snapper lessons will also continue to teach basic water safety rules and skills. Snapper class is held from 4:30 - 5 PM. 

 Our Dolphin Lessons will continue skills taught in the Minnow and Snapper groups with the addition of the following skills: introduction of elementary backstroke and freestyle switching, demonstrate kicking on side, demonstrate switching from side to side on back and front, demonstrate turning over from front to back, demonstrate turning over from back to front, demonstrate assisting a non-swimmer, demonstrate reaching and extensions for elementary freestyle. Our Dolphin Lessons will also enforce basic water safety skills and rules. Dolphin class is held from 5 - 5:30 PM. 

Parent and Me Class (age 0 - 4): In our Parent and Me class we offer your swimmer their first structured exposure to water and water safety skills. This class is designed to begin teaching your child comfort and independence in the water. Parents will be with their swimmers for the entire duration of the class. Skills such as bobbing, floating, and blowing bubbles will be taught. Kicking, reaching, and other water based motor skills will be developed in a fun environment. Parent & Me is held from 5 - 5:30 PM. 


All our swim lessons focus on water safety, building independence in the water, and gaining the skills necessary to become a strong swimmer at any age. Please follow the link above to register for our upcoming lesson sessions. 

We are proud to offer lessons throughout the spring and summer months with qualified lesson instructors.

Can't make a group lesson or looking for specialized instruction? Consider private lessons! Learn more about our instructors and pricing here:

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