Rockbridge Aquatics Center Swim Lessons

At this time we are offering limited semi-private lessons at the Rockbridge Aquatics Center. By registering for 1 slot (aka pod) you are able to bring two swimmers to participate with one instructor for six, 30-minute lessons. Each slot (pod) is $125 (~62.50 per swimmer)

Both swimmers in each slot (pod) must be 4 years or older to participate. We reccomend that swimmers be at a similar level to get the most out of these semi-private lessons! Before registering, please let us know if you have any questions by emailing [email protected]

Summer Swim Lesson Session Dates

Session 1: May 10 - May 27 - Complete

Session 2: June 1 - June 10Complete

Session 3: June 14 - June 24 - Complete

Session 4: July 5 - July 15 - Complete

Session 5: July 19 - July 29 - Complete


Please visit this page to register: 

Semi-Private Swim Lesson Registration