South Eastern Virginia Aquatics (SEVA) and Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (CGBD) swim teams, two premier teams serving the Virginia peninsula, are merging effective September 1.

All inquiries should be sent to the CGBD Team Administrator at or for more information please visit the CGBD website.

SEVA Mission

South Eastern Virginia Aquatics (SEVA) develops leadership, sportsmanship and character in its members through the use of comprehensive instruction and training based programs. Participants are taught using positive and focused teaching methods by professional coaches. Quality, discipline and progressive training is provided in a structured program. Fun, swimming skill development, individual and team success, striving to become a state region, national champion and the pursuit of the Olympic dream is the result.

SEVA Vision

South Eastern Virginia Aquatics (SEVA) strives to offer the best learn-to-swim program, stroke technique instruction and comprehensive competitive swim team in the United States.

  • Offer learn-to-swim instuction that teaches participants to be a strong swimmer using a program that is designed for Fun, Fitness, Health & Safety.

  • Teach the best swimming technique to allow participants to enjoy and participate in any aquatic activity they desire.

  • To use the positive attributes of competitive swimming to instill a love for the sport, develop discipline in our youth, promote the dream of success and instill a work ethic that creates successful individuals and team.

SEVA Values

Instruction – Training – Competitive Success