Evaluation/Registration Process

2019-2020 Season Registration Starts on August 1, 2019 and continues ALL YEAR until a program/practice group is full.

Step 1 - Call or e-mail one of our coaches to set up an evaluation which allows us to tell you what level in our program we recommend your swimmer to start.
Coach Dave Henderson 757 897-6127, sevaseahawks@aol.com
Coach Jeff Kincaid 757 725-1502, jeff.kincaid@sevaswimming.org

Step 2 - After the evaluation, register using the web site registration tab. When registering, you will only be paying for the registration fee at that time. A confirmation of this registration will be e-mailed to you.  If your child will be in the Bronze, Silver or Gold Groups with practices on the Peninsula, you will have a Monday/Wednesday/Friday/ Saturday or a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday practice schedule to choose from.  An additional email will be sent to you describing these options and asking you to e-mail us back your choice.  If registering for the Stroke Technique School, the e-mail sent to you will list the class options and request a return e-mail with your day choice.

Step 3 - Complete the financial agreement, which you will receive electronically from signnow.org.  Sign the agreement electronically after you have completed your fundraising choice. 

Step 3 - After the set up of your account has been finalized your family will be added to the information distribution list for the Swim Team or the class list for the Stroke School.

Swim Team Season and Group Snap Shot


Below is a breakdown of the categories of costs/manpower requirements that each family must consider when registering (or re-registering).  There are many variations – which provide options for you!  Attached are the printable forms for you to review, but hardcopy registration forms should only be completed when you do not have the means to complete the registration online. 

2019-2020 SEVA Program Handbook

2019-2020 Membership and Financial Information

SEVA Fundraising Program Information

1.  USA Swimming/Virginia Swimming/SEVA Team Registration

• Per swimmer one time per year

• Discounts are available if your family is eligable for the National School Lunch Program Free or Reduced Meals, is eligible for Food Stamps or the swimmer has a Medicaid Card (Outreach Program)  

2.  Dues

  • All Dues rates are based on a Monthly Payment Plan of 11 months (with the exception of the Home School and Stroke School programs).

Dues Rates Vary When

• You have more than one swimmer in any SEVA program (substantial discounts apply)

• Your swimmer’s practice group/level changes

• If your family is eligible for the National School Lunch Program Free/Reduced Meals, is eligible for Food Stamps or the swimmer has a Medicaid Card. (discounts apply)

3.  Swim Meet Manpower Commitment

• Each family must work a certain number of SEVA-sponsored swim meet sessions during both the Short Course and Long Course season (see #4 of the Membership and Financial Information)

* Timing at swim meets SEVA attends but are hosted by other teams:  At most meets, each team is given one or two lanes to provide timers at each session.  The SEVA Timer Coordinator sets up a schedule based on the number of SEVA families entered in that meet.  All families must sign-up to time at least once at each meet.  Requiring 100% participation results in each family only timing for between 30 and 60 minutes.  Please note:  timing at other teams' meets does NOT count toward your meet manpower obligation.

• For more information read the Swim Meet Manpower section of the SEVA financial agreement or please click on "Meet Info" then "Meet Manpower"

4.  Meet Entry Fund

  • Meet hosts charge each swimmer a per event fee at each meet to pay for the cost of using the facility.  This charge can range between $4.00 - $9.00 per event.
  • One of the many benefits of the SEVA Fundraisng Program is that the team has budgeted to pay ALL swim meet Entry Fees.  This payment will occur for each meet as long as the fundraising goals are met by the team.  Bronze and Silver swimmers will pay their own meet entry fees as they are not required to participate in fundraising. 

5. Fundraising: Please click on the link below for detailed information.

SEVA families have two ways to complete their yearly fundraising obligation.  Fundraising obligations begin when families have swimmers at the Gold level and above.

  • Option 1:(Primary Fundraiser For SEVA – Please commit to this option if possible) Working the Bingo games that SEVA operates on Tuesday and Friday evenings.  Please see the information about this option which includes locations, times and the number of required sessions during the season.
  • Option 2: Making a monetary contribution to opt out of Bingo. Please see the detailed Fundraising publication for more information and amounts. 

SEVA Fundraising Program Information

If you have additional questions regarding SEVA costs, please contact Dave Henderson at sevaseahawks@aol.com or 757- 897-6127.