South Eastern Virginia Aquatics (SEVA) and Coast Guard Blue Dolphins (CGBD) swim teams, two premier teams serving the Virginia peninsula, are merging effective September 1.

All inquiries should be sent to the CGBD Team Administrator at or for more information please visit the CGBD website.


Praise the talent or the effort?   2/6/2012   By Dan McCarthy//National Team High Performance Consultant Last April, Carol Dweck, the author of the aforementioned study, spoke at the National Team Coaches Conference in Colorado Springs. According to Dweck, the way young athletes are praised can affect their mindset positively (called a growth mindset) or negatively (called a fixed mindset).   Parents and coaches can help develop a growth mindset by praising effort, tactics and persistence, instead of intelligence and natural physical prowess.   Fixed Mindset Praising achievement can lead...