Mission Statement

The Stingrays Swimming (“RAYS”) mission is to provide an organized, competitive swimming program for the youth of the Rappahannock area.  Our program encourages and emphasizes good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and achievement of goals.  We recognize that swimming is just one part of a young person’s life. Competition is a major, but not exclusive, measurement of success.  All Stingrays’ swimmers should also have fun.

Achieving the RAYS mission requires commitment from all individuals involved with the team.  Swimmers are expected to show their commitment by attending practices on a regular basis, by respecting and supporting their teammates and coaches on deck and in the water, and by conducting themselves in a responsible manner at all times.  Parents are expected to support the team and their swimmers by contributing their time by assisting at RAYS swim meets and social events.  In turn, Stingrays Swimming provides high-caliber swimming instruction in an organized, safe, and friendly environment focused on a child’s protection.


• PO Box 866 Stafford, VA 22555-0866 • (540) 207-0846