To Order:

Returning families, your user account should be the email address that you receive your RAYS email to. New families need to create an account the first time you log-in  •  The RAYS Group ID: is 540898RAST


FAQ's about UnitedScrip:

Payment Options with ScripZone: There are  two payment options available on-line; payment via electronic ACH or by credit card (Master Card and Visa only). There is a 50 cent transaction fee added to your total order for payment via ACH.  If you select to purchase your gift cards by credit card, it will reduce your gift card reward percentage by 3%. Additionally, any gift cards that return less than 3% will not be available for purchase for any credit card transactions.

Please note, you will have to establish the electronic ACH option with ScripZone prior to ordering by selecting "My ScripPayment Center" and then select "Add New ePay" and follow the instructions. Upon approval of your ACH account, you can then select this as a payment option. It can take up to one week for United Scrip to verify your ACH, so plan accordingly.


Shipping Options with ScripZone:  All ScripZone orders are shipped directly to you at your expense.


• PO Box 866 Stafford, VA 22555-0866 • (540) 207-0846