USA Swimming Outreach Membership

RAYS Outreach Membership:

All swimmers who meet the requirements of the VSI Outreach Program are eligible for a reduced USA Swimming registration fee, reimbursement of all VSI meet entry fees by Virginia Swimming and reduced program fees. All reimbursements received on your behalf from Virginia Swimming will be 100% applied to your account. If your family qualifies for Food Stamps, Free Lunch, or YMCA Open Doors, you may be eligible to participate in this program. If you feel you are eligible for Outreach, please  contact Debby Martinich at [email protected] to apply for this program. Upon acceptance into the Outreach Program then program dues will be reduced $75 for Developmental, $150 for Age Group 2, $175 for Age Group 1, $250 for Juniors, and $325 for the Seniors.

For More Information on the YMCA Open Doors Program; click here

  USA Swimming Outreach Membership:

The goal of USA Swimming's Outreach Committee is to provide opportunities in swimming to the underrepresented and economically disadvantaged youth in the United States.
Several years ago, USA Swimming began to address the problem of the underserved (and in many cases unserved) population of underrepresented and economically disadvantaged youth in the sport of swimming at all levels. The lack of underrepresented swimmers, especially at the elite levels, was distinctly noticeable. USA Swimming is committed to providing outreach membership for families in need. Outreach membership plays a vital role in bridging the gap.  USA Swimming outreach membership offers qualified individuals the opportunity to become a USA Swimming year-round athlete member at a reduced fee. Each Local Swimming Committee determines how they will qualify athletes for outreach membership. They may use but are not limited to national guidelines based on Federal Food Stamps, Free School Lunch and/or Federal Poverty Guidelines. For more information about USA Swimming Outreach membership; please click here.

  Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement:

To assist USA Swimming in creating a culture of inclusion and opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds, including, but not limited to, race, age, income, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

  For the USA Swimming Outreach Manual; click here

  VSI Outreach Membership:

Outreach membership offers qualified individuals the opportunity to become a USA Swimming year-round athlete member at a reduced fee.  The national fee for outreach membership is $5.00.  Virginia Swimming has waived its fee.  The application must be filled out and submitted with the necessary documentation to the club's registration person, Debby Martinich.  When Debby  has verified the documents provided, the registration form with fee will be sent to the VSI Registration Chairperson.  Please don't send documentation to the Registration Chair.

  VSI Outreach Reimbursement - Meet Entry Fees:

Virginia Swimming will reimburse any VSI club's meet entry fees they pay for their Outreach members for meets that are swam in Virginia Swimming. Virginia Swimming will not reimburse meet entry fees for any meets that are swam out of the LSC.


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