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Athlete Protection Education:
USA Swimming is committed to raising awareness about prevention of abuse in sport.  USA Swimming is proud to partner with Praesidium, an industry expert in abuse prevention, to bring the swimming community customized and comprehensive training tools for coaches, volunteers and parents. Customized training for athletes is available now.
Their training tools will help you:
- Understand the scope and effects of abuse in sport
- Recognize the signs of grooming behavior and boundary violations
- Understand how to establish boundaries and protect against false allegations
- Know how to react and report when you suspect abuse

Free Training for Athletes:
USA Swimming has developed a free education program for athlete ages 12-18.
Click the link below to learn about:
- Inappropriate contact
- Physical, emotional, and behavioral boundaries
- What to do if your boundaries are violated
- Who to tell
- How USA Swimming can be a resource for you

By learning how to protect yourselves, you also learn how to protect your peers; and together we can make the sport safer for everyone. For Free Athlete Protection Training for Athletes, click here. FYI, our LSC is Virginia, our Club Code is RAYS.




This personal SuperTracking System is designed to provide you with an opportunity to have your diet evaluated for energy and nutrient content. Use it to: look up a single food item to see what's in it; enter an entire day's food intake to see how much carbohydrate, protein, fat and calories you consumed; compare what you ate to your individual needs; enter a recipe to see a nutrient breakdown per serving; track your habits throughout the season and off-season and more. Click here to get started.

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