Hello Tide Swimming!

“Children want to be loved, Coaches want to be supported and Parents want to be heard”

With the last phrase “Parents want to be heard” in mind and on behalf of your Board of Directors, I would like to remind everyone of the various ways at Tide Swimming that feedback, both positive and constructive, can be delivered to help us elevate our team on a continuous basis.

Your child’s coach

If you have an issue at any point in the season that has to do with the “wet side” of your child’s experience at Tide, it is our hope that you feel comfortable contacting your child’s coach to discuss.  The best way to do this is to email the coach to set up a time to talk outside of the practice time.  Our coaches enjoy interacting with parents and want to be available to discuss any concerns or questions!

Your Board Representatives

The following is a list of your Board representatives.  If your issue cannot be resolved with the coach or you’re not comfortable talking with the coach, please reach out to a Board representative to help you. You can find links to board member email addresses on the Board of Directors page.

Listed below are your Parent representatives:

Senior: Brandi James, Sara Beth Roberts
Age Group:  Lyn Mannato, Jenn Strach, Kelly Swartz

You are also welcome to contact any of the Executive Board members:

Katy Arris-Wilson – President
Jenny Huelsberg – Vice President
Bridget Fickenscher – Secretary
Chris McKee – Treasurer

Safe 4 Athlete Welfare Advocates

Tide Swimming takes the issue of Safe Sport seriously.  Not only are we compliant with USA Swimming Safe Sport regulations, but we also comply with the independent non-profit Safe 4 Athlete policies (www.safe4athletes.org) to ensure we are keeping our athletes and coaches safe.  To that end, we have two parents who are not Board members and who serve as our Athlete Welfare Advocates (AWA).  Theresa Knepper and Mike Barakey.Theresa Knepper stepped into the role in 2019; Mike Barakey has served in the role since 2015. If you ever have any concerns with athlete welfare at Tide, please contact Mike or Theresa.

Mike Barakey – [email protected]

Theresa Knepper  - [email protected]

Observation Feedback Form

If you prefer to fill out a form to document and help resolve an issue you observed, we have an Observation Feedback form. Simply download the form, fill it in, and submit it to our Executive Director, Jennie Carder.  She will work to resolve the issue and/or appropriately elevate it to either the Board or coaches as needed.

Annual Survey

While our annual survey provides us with important information and data, we also recognize the limitations of receiving feedback in a one time snapshot.  This is why we encourage you to use any of the aforementioned avenues throughout the year to provide us with feedback. 

When the annual survey is published, please take the time to fill it out so that we can use the data to both help our team elevate AND help us fundraise in the community.  We send out the survey each year in the spring.


As always, I thank you all for the time and energy you put into making our team second to none.  As we all know, swimming is a time intensive sport for both athletes and parents.  We appreciate your support and how you have all contributed to the wonderful community of people we enjoy together….especially at long swim meets!

Katy Arris-Wilson
President, Tide Swimming



There is valuable information on the "for Swimmers" webpage for you as well. Click HERE.