TIDE Swimming is managed by a Board of Directors comprised, for the most part, of parent volunteers. The Board of Directors is the governing body created to provide legislative, financial, and administrative guidance and support to the coaching staff for the daily operation of TIDE Swimming.

Here are the current members of the Board of Directors:

President: Katy Arris-Wilson

Vice President: Jenny Huelsberg

Secretary: Carri Lamoureux

Treasurer: Chris McKee

Senior Parent Representatives:  Carrie Duffy, Sara Beth Roberts

Age Group Parent Representatives:  Lyn Mannato, Jenn Strach

Developmental / Age Group Parent Representative: Bridget Fickenscher

TIDE Swim Team Founder: Sandra Jones

Head Coach: Richard Hunter

Executive Director: Jennie Carder

Accountant: Sue Rosier


Board Committees (Chair)

Finance (Chris McKee): Provides financial oversight of the team from managing reserves to ongoing operational viability. Provides recommendations to the Board to ensure fiscal health of the team is maintained.

Fundraising (Katy Arris-Wilson, Executive Director): Responsible for developing and managing fundraising options in order to help keep membership affordable for families.

Facilities (Katy Arris-Wilson, Mark Tadder): Acquires necessary pool space to support the program and ensures safety and quality of that pool space (air quality, other).

Member Satisfaction (Jenn Strach): Includes soliciting feedback from current members once a year formally through survey and informally through discussions with parents.

Publicity/Marketing (Carrie Duffy/Open): Responsible for publicity, internal and external communications, recruiting materials, bulletin boards, newsletter, and overall imaging/branding so that the team is presented consistently both internally and externally.

Meet Organization/Director (Bao Nguyen): Plans, manages, and implements procedures and policies for TIDE sponsored swim meets. Coordinates, manages, and assigns parent volunteers to support meet operation.

Social (Jamie Knapp): Responsible for developing the social activities that help develop team unity and spirit. This would include the banquet, group parents and any other programs that help make TIDE a fun activity for swimmers and families.

Scholarship (Bridget Fickenscher):  Responsible for administration of TIDE Scholarship program.

Physical Assets (Open): Responsible for maintaining a complete inventory of all of TIDE's physical assets as well as assuring assets are monitored for condition and potential replacement or repair.

Safe Sport (Mike Barakey, Theresa Knepper): Responsible for administration and oversight of both USA Swimming's and Safe4Athletes's safe sport programs. Serve as Athlete Welfare Advocates and lead all inquiries concerning athlete welfare and safety.

Service Hours (Brandi James, Sara Beth Roberts): Organize, schedule and monitor all activities that count toward TIDE parent Service Hours requirements. Provide recommendation to Board of Directors for annual service hours requirements.

Application for Board Position

By-Laws of TIDE Swimming

Form for sharing feedback with Parent Representatives


2019-2020 Season Board Meeting Notes

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2018-2019 Season Board Meeting Notes

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Since 2007, all Board members are required to successfully complete a Background Check through the USA Swimming background check provider. It is the Board member's responsibility to renew the background check every two years. The background check fee will be reimbursed by TIDE if the Board member provides the payment receipt within 30 days of completion of the background check.



All non-athlete members of USA Swimming are required to complete the Athlete Protection Training by clicking the link below. New members will be required to have their non-athlete application form and payment processed by their LSC registrar before they can sign in to complete the course. Board members should send their completed non-athlete application form to the team administrator for filing with Virginia Swimming.

This certification is required for all new and existing members including coaches, officials, chaperones, meet directors. If you have registered with USA Swimming for the first time, this is the course you need to take. 

The course is free of charge and, upon completion, should update in your membership record within 24 hours.