We recommend an excellent resource for ALL parents, created by Your Sports Resource. Read Excel at Being a Swim Parent HERE.


USA Swimming Registration Help for Parents - new SWIMS platform

Points to remember:

  • If you, the parent, have never been a USA Swimming registered coach, offiicial, board member, chaperone, or a USA Swimming registered athlete (swimmer) YOURSELF - you want to create a login as a New Member
  • After you create a login and have an account in SWIMS as a parent you will be able to connect your swimmers to your account
  • You are NOT registering yourself as a USA Swimming member unless required (i.e. you are a coach, official, board member, etc)
  • If you HAVE in the past been a USA Swimming registered non-athlete member (categories above) OR  a former athlete you will answer the question, "Have you ever had a USA Swimming membership?" with a YES

How to create a login and set up a SWIMS account as a new member: CLICK HERE

How to create a login and set up a SWIMS account for current or previous USA Swimming members: CLICK HERE  This is for YOU, returning coaches, officials and board members.

HERE is a webpage with additional help and answers to common questions.


USA Swimming OMR (Online Member Registration) Help for Parents

Resources and instructional videos are available HERE



2022-23 Parent Meetings - Powerpoint and Zoom recording Archive

August 25, 2022: Developmental and Age Group Parent overview. Meeting recording

September 10, 2022: General Parent Meeting

  • Presentation slides HERE
  • Zoom meeting recording HERE    -->passcode is  Bl.z&S59


Our Team Unify website houses all of the important functions necessary to navigate your way through the admin side of being a swim parent. It stores member account information (contact and payment information), swimmer times, meet schedule and meet signup, job signup to earn service hours, team records, and other important team information.

Once you learn your way around the site, performing the various tasks will become second nature. To get you started, here are some helpful tutorials that explain many of the website functions.

First, start with the video tutorials  Parents: Video tutorials

If you need more clarification on a given topic, select an explanation with step by step instructions from the list below. Our site uses the "new CMS".
Parents: Add and verify a cell number in My Account for SMS/texting
Parents: Add a credit card or ACH to account for auto pay
Parents - How to See All Meets My Athlete Has Entered
Parents - How to See Jobs I Have Signed Up For
Parents: How to Make Payments
Parents: Sign up athlete for meet / Commit to events
Parents: Sign up for jobs
New CMS: What each side menu item does
Parents: Add and verify a cell number in OnDeck for SMS/texting
Parents: How to View My Current Invoices and Payments