Parent Leadership Committee (PLC)

Purpose:  To connect all locations, bring together the team community, share information with fellow parents, and help assimilate new families

Structure:  One parent from each practice group to act as a Parent Representative (ideally would have at least one year prior experience with the team)

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Email practice group at the beginning of the season to make introduction and offer availability to answer questions, especially for new parents
  • Attend group parent meeting, perhaps offer to be available at a practice during the first month and/or at the first couple of meets
  • Assist in organizing group parties or team functions
  • Receive email updates and information from Board members and communicate to practice group as needed
  • Meet once during the year with Board members to receive information on Board and team initiatives as well as share ideas and feedback

 Contact:  Jenny  Huelsberg - [email protected]


TIDE Parent Leadership Committee Representatives 2020-2021              **we have openings!**

Virginia Beach

Novice – OPEN
Developmental Silver – Kate Ku
Developmental Gold – Mary Scott
AG Bronze MT – Tara Dyckman
AG Bronze PA – MaryJo Steinmetz
AG Silver MT and AG Silver PA – Mo Fitzkee
AG Gold – Jeny Taylor
Senior Bronze - OPEN
Senior Silver –  Kristen Tessenear
Senior Gold – Grace Stedje-Larsen
National – Kate Berenguer / Jamie Knapp


Developmental Silver (NA) - open

Chesapeake (Greenbrier/Great Bridge)

Novice – Emily Ostrom / Ashley Settle
Developmental Silver – Debbie Soderlund / Ericka Neville
Developmental Gold – Elena Carothers
AG Bronze – OPEN
AG Silver – Lisa Hamilton / Jenn Valentine
AG Gold – Ana Stratton
Senior Bronze - Shannon Warren

Senior Silver – Richard Okrasinski
Senior Gold – OPEN



Developmental Silver – Ralitsa Maduro
Developmental Gold - OPEN
AG Bronze - Kerri Wood / Kimberly Key
AG Silver – OPEN
Senior Silver - Rebecca Lynch
Senior Gold –  OPEN