2020 - 2021 Family Service Hour Requirements

Parents who attend away meets with their swimmers are expected to sign up for timing shifts IF the host team asks us to help staff those positions. This does NOT count toward your TIDE service hours requirement. This is what you as parents are asked to do to support your swimmer who attends away meets where the host team can't staff all of the timing positions.

TIDE is both a team of swimmers and a team of parents. Our team of parents is vital to the success of our program. TIDE parents serve as board members, USA Swimming officials, practice group social event planners, team travel chaperones, subject area experts for facility support and improvements, team publicity and media production experts, and meet support staff for our team-hosted swim meets.

Hosting swim meets generates revenue for the team but more importantly TIDE-hosted meets give our own swimmers as well as those in our area the opportunity to compete locally in a high quality swimming facility. TIDE has a reputation for hosting efficient meets and our parent volunteers are what make our meets so successful.

To assure that we have the meet staff that we need, families with swimmers in Developmental Gold, Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver, Age Group Gold, Senior Silver (all year option), Senior Silver (Fall, Spring or Summer session), Senior Gold, and National have a service hours requirement. This requirement is detailed in the Swimmer Contract and it is mandatory. You can read the Swimmer Contract HERE.

Families who only have swimmers in PreNovice, Novice, Developmental Silver, or in only the Winter Session of Senior Silver do not have a service hours requirement.

All job signups are done through the website, on the meet and event pages. When signups open, an email goes out to the team. Simply click on "Job signup" on the meet or event page to sign up for work shifts.



From the 2020-2021 TIDE Swimming Annual Membership Contract:

9.   I understand that during the 2020-2021 competition season TIDE will host several swim meets and that TIDE parents work in meet support positions whether the Swimmer is participating or not. As a member of TIDE's team of parents, I agree to participate in TIDE's Service Hours Program and fulfill the requirements of this program as set out by the Board of Directors.  I understand I will be required to work a defined number of meet sessions at TIDE hosted meets, where a "session" is defined as an entire morning, afternoon, or evening session, approximately 4-5 hours total per session. Helping to raise or lower the bubble at Mt Trashmore counts as 1 session. I also understand that if I fail to work the prescribed number of sessions I will be billed $250 per session for every session not worked. Members who have a YEAR ROUND swimmer in Age Group Bronze, Age Group Silver, Age Group Gold, Senior Silver, Senior Gold, and National will be asked to work 4 meet sessions. Members whose highest level swimmer is in Developmental Gold will be asked to work 2 meet sessions. Members with swimmers in Senior Silver Fall, Spring, or Summer sessions will be asked to work 1 meet session. Should we attend meets hosted by other teams ("away meets"), parents will be assigned lane timing duties if the host team requests our assistance. This time is NOT counted as TIDE service hours, but rather it is the way we support the efforts of other teams to give our swimmers the opportunity to race.


TIDE meet work signups are done through the team website and are monitored by the Service Hours Team. The Service Hours Team can assist families with finding a match between family responsibilities and team requirements. If you have special family circumstances, it is important that you contact the Service Hours Team EARLY when planning your TIDE meet work shifts. Families are expected to be proactive in signing up for their required number of TIDE meet work shifts. You may contact the Service Hours Team at [email protected]

A worker cannot simply report to a TIDE meet session unannounced and offer to work. All TIDE meet work shifts must be arranged in advance of the meet. This gives all of our busy families a chance to plan ahead.

NOTE THAT WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR A MEET SESSION, ONE SESSION = 1 POINT. We have to adapt the system to what Team Unify recognizes (either actual hours or points).

Examples of meet work positions include:   

***Covid-19 restrictions have eliminated/changed many of these positions, especially the operation and supplying of our hospitality suite***

  • Announcer: operates the PA system, announces event, heat, results, concessions options, hot heats, etc.  Need to be trained and speak comfortably into a microphone.  We will train you!
  • Food prep: could be fruit cutting, cooking chicken, making breakfast burritos.  This counts for buying ingredients, assembling at home and delivery to hospitality.  You will receive further instructions after signing up.
  • Check In Workers: Responsible to checking in all workers and making sure they know their job and where to go.
  • Fri/Mon Pick Up/Drop Off: Need to have a vehicle with a trailer hitch.  Responsible to pick up on Friday and return on Monday of certain items.  Some require a military ID as we rent from MWR. You will be contacted with specific instruction after signing up.  Must be available during the day Monday and Friday.
  • Ice Delivery: purchase and deliver Ice to concessions before early before meet
  • Hospitality Runner: "on call" for hospitality.  You need to meet with the head of hospitality and share your cell phone number.  You will run errands for them as needed.  Ice runs, Walmart, etc.  You need to have a vehicle large enough to take a large cooler for ice runs to restaurants nearby for ice.
  • Timer: operates stopwatch and timing equipment for an assigned lane
  • Runner: 3 types: 
    • collects timing sheets from lane timers to give to Meet Recorder​
    • post results and make sure all deck volunteers have water
    • distribute heat winner prizes to swimmers (12&under sessions only)
  • Hospitality Prep: assembling fresh food items for the coaches and officials hospitality suite
  • Meet setup/teardown: set up equipment, seating, other tasks as required
  • Meet Marshall: patrol deck and environs (locker rooms, hallways) to ensure safety of swimmers and spectators. Read complete job description HERE.


Participation in bubble raising or takedown working parties provides TIDE Swimming families with yet another opportunity to fulfill their service hours requirements. Participation in bubble raising (late October/early November) and/or takedown (late March/early April) counts as one meet session.  Due to the very physically demanding nature of raising and lowering the bubble, it is highly recommended that these  positions be filled by men.  LIMIT ONE PER FAMILY PER SIGN UP.