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Updated July 26, 2022: Virginia Swimming Clinics for the 2022-2023 season are now available for registration. If you are interested in becoming a new official, please make sure to sign up for the Initial Stroke & Turn / AO clinic. Current officials interested in either Chief Judge or Starter can enroll in those clinics. A full list of clinics is available here.

We're looking for new officials to join Virginia Swimming for the 2022-2023 swim season!

If you are interested in becoming an official, email our Officials Chairs, Todd & Kate Stowell for more information.

Visit Virginia Swimming's Officials webpage for an comprehensive information about becoming an official. HERE is USA Swimming's information sheet for parents who wish to train to become officials.

Like all TIDE coaches, officials and trainees must submit to and pay for a USA Swimming background check. Trainees must also have a current USA Swimming non-athlete membership. All current and prospective officials should follow these guidelines regarding USA Swimming registration:

  • *New for 2022-23* Current or new officials (and officials in training) will need to register as non-athlete members directly with USA Swimming. Our team's unique registration link will be provided by the TIDE registrar. Payment is required at registration.
  • New officials or returning officials who need to submit to or renew an expired background check can do that HERE. There is a fee. TIDE will reimburse the full cost of your new background check. Background check renewals need to be completed no earlier than 30 days before your expiration date to qualify for the lower renewal price. If you try to renew several months early OR if you let your background check expire, you will have to pay the full (new BG check) price. TIDE reimburses the renewal cost only. If you wish to be reimbursed by TIDE, please send your background check payment receipt WITHIN 30 DAYS OF COMPLETION to the team administrator.
  • TIDE will reimburse the cost of USA Swimming registration and background check fees for trainees if they attain certification within one calendar year. To request reimbursement, submit your payment receipts to the team administrator.

Athlete Protection Training

All USA Swimming officials and trainees must complete the online Athlete Protection Training course annually. The core course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and is offered at no charge. The renewal course, offered in alternate years, is about 45 minutes long. When the course has been completed, the membership database is updated and Virginia Swimming is notified automatically.

New officials must register through Virginia Swimming first (TIDE submits this application, see above). New members cannot initiate this course until their membership application has been processed. New members will receive an email as soon as their membership has been processed by Virginia Swimming.

Athlete Protection Training is provided through the U.S. Center for Safe Sport: https://www.usaswimming.org/resource-center/athlete-protection-training

Concussion Protocol Training

All USA Swimming officials are required to complete an approved Concussion Protocol Training course to be eligible for a Non-Athlete membership. These courses are delivered by 3rd parties and will NOT automatically show up on your officials transcript.

Please complete one of the courses below and submit your course completion certificate to the TIDE Officials Chairs

USA Swimming approved concussion protocol training courses:



Training Clinics

Virginia Swimming offers a number of training clinics. To view and register to attend a clinic, visit https://www.teamunify.com/team/va/page/system/res/99853

Sign Up To Work A Meet

TIDE uses Google Docs to sign up for preferred days and sessions. The link below is to the top level folder that contains a sub-folder for each meet. Each meet folder contains the sign-up sheet and the meet invitation (once it is published).

If you are certified, sign up for the day(s)/session/position you would like to work. Please note, we will make every effort to place you in your preferred position and there will be times we need to shift you around to achieve the best coverage.

If you are in training, sign up in the right-hand column under the "Trainee" heading and include which training session you'll be completing under the Session # column. For example:

​Name: John Doe
​Session #: 4
​Team: TIDE

Access TIDE Officials Meet Signups: HERE

USA Swimming Officials Positions

  • Stroke & Turn Judge -- Ensures that all swimming rules are followed
  • Timing System Operator -- Responsible for the automatic and semiautomatic timing equipment
  • Timing Judge -- Determines the official time for each swimmer
  • Recorder -- Uses Meet Manager to input all swimmers’ times and order of finish

We Need Your Help!

Please help us get the word out to parents about upcoming stroke and turn clinics. For a team our size, we are light on officials - especially parents with younger swimmers. Having more officials is better for everyone:

  • swimmers get better coverage early in the season and avoid DQs later when it counts
  • the demand is spread over more people so fewer people have to work all sessions
  • smaller on deck jurisdictions and more breaks
  • the best 'seat' in house!