How to Join?

In order to make sure you are registering for the right group you have to either have an evaluation by Coach Lauren or email her at [email protected] to discuss your swimmers current skills and age to see where they would be placed.  Then once you know the correct group you can register them online!




Register on the website:

  1. Pay registration fee

    1. Online

    2. Mail check

  2. Get equipment

    1. I will send you an equipment list before the registration party

    2. Swimshop will be at registration party on 8/28

    3. has all equipment as well

  3. Attend practice

    1. Practices starts Monday 9/13

  4. Attend meets

    1. Meet sign ups will be available online through the website

    2. The first meet is in October

  5. Billing

    1. Billing will start October 1st and everyone will be billed online

    2. ACH is free to sign up for

    3. Credit cards do charge a processing fee

  6. Communication

    1. We will have group parents meeting during the first two weeks of practice for each group where we will give group goals, parent information, team handbook, and answer questions

    2. We will have a team parents meeting the first Tuesday in October to go over fundraisers and meets we are hosting for the year.

    3. I will send an email each week with schedule, billing, meeting, and meet updates plus anything else you need to know!