Virginia Gators of Harrisonburg


Virginia Gators, Harrisonburg: Swimming fun for kids of all ages since 1970.

The Virginia Gators, Harrisonburg offers fun opportunities for educational, social and emotional development, and the chance to learn the values of hard work, dedication, self-discipline, integrity, and good sportsmanship. Virginia Gators is a year-round swim team offering instruction, training, and competitive opportunities for young people from ages 5-18. Children of all abilities are welcome to join and improve their swimming skills and compete at all levels.



Develop competitive student-athletes by teaching and training all levels of swimmers to achieve their highest potential.


We are the Valley’s premier swim program with nationally ranked swimmers.  Our families are engaged and participate within the team in order to build and grow our program.  We are a valued community partner.

Core Values:

Team Unity – Although swimming is an individual sport, all of our swimmers are a single unit. We teach them the importance of a team atmosphere.

Sportsmanship – Learning the importance of respecting your competition whether you win or lose.

Dedication – Understanding the necessity of devoting ones time and efforts in order to achieve their goals.  

Respect – Is not only how you treat others around you, but how you perceive yourself.

Motivation – is key to the success of all athletes. Our swimmers all have their own goals and reasons for why they participate in the sport.  

Character – the mental and ethical traits individualizing a person or group. This is what defines each individual swimmer.

Fun – Swimming is an enjoyable sport and it’s important to allow room for participants to have fun as they work hard and progress.


Questions? Feel free to contact us HERE. If you are interested in supporting our team through a sponsorship, please email Shawn Lough, Treasurer.