Virginia Gators of Harrisonburg Board of Directors and Volunteers

Virginia Gators of Harrisonburg is governed by a parent-elected Board of Directors. The positions on the board include president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, board members, and the head coach. Board meetings are held monthly.

President: Aaron Hewitt

Vice President: Rick Erb

Treasurer: Jeff Shafer

Secretary: CeCe Dunham

Team Officials Chair: Aaron Hewitt

Members at Large: Sheryl Beckwith, Beth Maust, Lori Long, Sergiy Dmytriyev, Wes Kite, and Chance Ebersold

Team Bylaws (updated July 2019)


Director of Operations

The team currently employs a Director of Operations, Jolanthe Erbwho is responsible for the team’s day-to-day operations, including registration, team communication, billing, and parent orientation.


Parent Volunteers

Fundraising: Jolanthe Erb and Stephanie Shafer

Apparel: Jolanthe Erb