Virginia Gators of Harrisonburg



Head Coach - Scot Budde

Scot joined our team in August of 2020 with 20 years of diverse coaching experience ranging from 7 years as the Head Swim Coach at Greensboro College to time spent with board-directed and for-profit USA Swimming clubs in North Carolina and Delaware.  He has coached all levels of swimmers from beginners who were afraid of the pool to Senior National and NCAA qualifiers.  We believe that Scot’s coaching philosophy is a perfect match for our team.  A comment offered about Scot sums up what we have already experience in our time with him as head coach: “Scot makes all swimmers feel important by challenging them at their own level to maximize personal goals in the pool.




Assistant Coach - Martin Javelosa

Martin has accumulated significant experience as a high level club swimmer and now as a long-time coach for the Gators.  He served as our interim head coach for 8 months and has continued to bring his high energy approach to coaching all of our groups at various time with his primary focus as our lead junior developmental coach.



Age Group Development Assistant Coach - Carla Regginello

Carla has been teaching swimming lessons for eleven years at the Broadway Community Pool and has served as a Broadway Shark team assistant coach for during the past 4 summers.  Carla has coached numerous clinics for the Gators and serves as our lead age group assistant coach.