Meet announcements are posted on the Gators website under the “Meets” tab. Entry deadlines are typically Tuesdays by 5pm, allowing our coaches the opportunity to review meet entries with swimmers.

When registration for a meet is open, an email will be sent to families with information on how to register. The meet announcement includes information about the date(s), location, order of events, entry limits, and other relevant information. All meets are different, so please be sure to read carefully and feel free to reach out to your swimmer’s coach if you aren’t sure about meet entries.



All registrations for meets are done using the TEAMUNIFY system, our team website. This is the same account that you used to register for the team at

Once you have logged into the system, you will need to “declare” your swimmer(s) for the meet – YES (swimming) or NO (not swimming). After you have declared for the meet, the meet events for which your swimmer is qualified will automatically pop up. Click on the events you would like to swim. Remember to hit save or your entry will not be saved in the system. If your swimmer is not qualified for a meet, you do not need to indicate they are not attending.

When entries are in the system the coaches will review them and either approve or reject them. If a swimmer’s events are “rejected” the coach will select another event for the swimmer. The day after the entry deadline an Entry Report will be posted in the “Meets” page on TEAM UNIFY. Once entries are submitted to the host team NO changes or additions can be made. Check the Entry Report as soon as it is available to make sure that your swimmer is in the correct events.

A few days prior to the meet, we will share a psych sheet that lists each swimmer’s events. Please double check the sheet and report any errors. If you find an error, please contact Coach Scot as soon as possible. If you have any questions about meet entries or need assistance in the process, please contact Jolanthe Erb, our Director of Operations. 

For all meets, we will create a GroupMe app thread for parents to communicate and keep up with the latest meet information. Emails will be sent out in the days leading up to meets with all relevant information including warm-up times, any changes, and all the things you will need to know (we promise!). 



Fees for meets are a separate charge from monthly swimming fees. Swimmers are only charged for meets for which they register during the course of the season.

  • Meet fees include those charged by the host club for each swimmer in the meet and general event fees. Meet fees will be charged on/by the 1st of the month after the meet occurs.
  • Swimmers will be charged for the meets for which they are registered at the registration deadline, even if they do not swim or are unable to attend, since we must pay the host team for all events prior to the meet date. 
  • Meet fees are placed on accounts once we have paid the host team for that meet/event.
  • An additional fee of $10/swimmer fee per meet will be added to help with covering coaches travel costs.



We always try to get hotel blocks and the best deals for our families. All hotel information, along with group discount codes, contact information, and booking links will be added to each specific travel meet for our team.