2022 SMAC Fall Classic Meet Results | Short Course

Jolanthe Erb (Director of Operations)

2022 SMAC Fall Classic | Short Course

From November 19-20, sixty-two of our swimmers traveled to Waynesboro, VA for the SMAC Fall Classic. This was a short course meet held at the Waynesboro YMCA - and especially nice since it's close to home! Our team swam a total of 219 events over the course of 2 days, 56 of these races were first time swims, and 92 were best times. In addition, a total of 315.65 seconds were dropped!

8/under Swimmers: Olivia Dameron, Cooper Davis, Felix Ducey, Colbie Gibson, Elsie Glanzer, Sasha Karam, Margaret Kistler, Elias Kite, LeAnne Lamanna, Abigail Luikart, Harper Mancini, Lily Paradise, Ella Riner, Knox Riner, Coleman Skelly, Audrey Wood, and Rayna Wood

9-10 Swimmers: Lucy Caldwell, Silas Dameron, Igor Dmytriyev, Vasilii Dobrynin, Lillian Ducey, Graham Ebersold, Jed Gorby, Linley Hendricksen, Vivienne Hess, Laci Hill, Isaiah Kite, Anna Paradise, McKenna Riner, Elysia Schoolcraft, John Thacker, Eli Webb, Finn Whistleman, Ariana Yanez, and Kaimbrie Zook

11-12 Swimmers: Gage Becker, Sebby Hess, Lily Kistler, Lillian Malca, Sophia Papa, Brently Riner, Layton Scott, and Orin Whistleman 

13-14 Swimmers: Alexander Bucher, Boris Dmytriyev, Iaroslav Dobrynin, Lila Gorby, Jozelyn Kann, Naomi Shafer, and Joe Yang

15/older Swimmers: Tessa Gorby, Caroline Hendrickson, and Ashlyn Whitman

Seventy-five of our swimmers placed in the top three in different events - great job everyone!!

There were 24 new motivational cuts achieved from B through AA.  Each of those swimmers and events are called out below. Great job everyone!