2022 STAR Triad Tropic Meet Results | Short Course

Jolanthe Erb (Director of Operations)

2022 STAR Triad Tropic | Short Course

From December 16-18, fifty-one of our swimmers made the trip to Greensboro, NC, along with our Charlottesville and Roanoke teams, for the 2022 STAR Triad Tropic held at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. 

Our team swam a total of 314 events over the course of three days; nineteen of these races were first time swims, and 132 were best times. In addition, a total of 322.87 seconds were dropped.

Themes on deck were a huge hit - especially "dress like your coach" day. 

8/under Swimmers: Olivia Dameron, Margaret Kistler, Elias Kite, Bryson Long, Lily Paradise, Coleman Skelly, Audrey Wood, and Rayna Wood

9-10 Swimmers: Silas Dameron, Igor Dmytriyev, Vasilii Dobrynin, Felix Ducey, Lillian Ducey, Vivienne Hess, Isaiah Kite, Caelee Long, Claire Maust, Anna Paradise, and Kaimbrie Zook

11-12 Swimmers: Gage Becker, Jed Gorby, Sebby Hess, Eliza Hewitt, Jack Jacquez, Sam Maust, and Brandon Smith

13-14 Swimmers: Boris Dmytriyev, Iaroslav Dobrynin, Lila Gorby, James Hewitt, Naomi Shafer, and Joe Yang

15/Older Swimmers: Molly Beckwith, Tommy Bill, Rachael Bing, Lydia Couric, Rebecca Couric, Graham DeVito, Julia Dunham, Sarah Dunham, Kallie Eaton, Kaleb Erb, Zachary Erb, Mia Flory, Tessa Gorby, Madison Keller, Dylan King, Cole Martin, Marshall Smith, Isaac Wenger, and Alexia Wright


19 of our swimmers placed in the top three Great job, everyone!! 

There were 40 new motivational cuts achieved from B through AAA.  Those swims and swimmers are called out below.  Keep up the great work!