Virginia Gators of Harrisonburg

Training Equipment

Swimmers should bring training equipment with them to all practices. Specific items/lists can be found here on our website, under each program group, and also in our SwimOutlet storefront. We do have a storefront with TYR (password gators) this year as well, and orders placed directly through their site will receive free s/h over $75 and a 25% discount at checkout. 

Our coach has recommended some specific products (linked in our SwimOutlet storefront) that he believes would be most beneficial to swimmers. While we do have a few extra items on deck if a swimmer forgets, items such as fins and snorkels need to be individual to a swimmer for size and safety.

Equipment by Practice Group or Clinic

  • Age Group: kickboard, pull buoy, fins, & mesh bag
  • Junior Development: kickboard, pull buoy, fins, & mesh bag
  • Pre-Senior: kickboard, pull buoy, fins, paddles, snorkel, & mesh bag
  • Senior: kickboard, pull buoy, fins, paddles, snorkel, & mesh bag
  • Clinics: goggles, cap, and fins (preferred) - pull buoy and kickboards provided

Also recommended: Goggles (Speedo Vanquishers have a Jr and Adult size)

Before ordering anything, PLEASE check with Jolanthe Erb regarding any needed team equipment, as we may have it on hand for you and can get it to you quickly. 

Group Orders: We will put together a group order at the beginning of the season to help families save on shipping and to get the best price possible for our families (usually about a 35% discount on TYR gear). 

Our team has several TYR backpacks on hand and available for swimmers as well, if your child needs one. 


Team & Parent Shirts

Each swimmer will receive a team shirt when joining the team. Additional shirts or sweatshirts for siblings or parents may be purchased from our store with Commonwealth Promotional


Team Suit & Cap

Swimmers registering through September 30, 2021 will receive a new suit, team cap, and team shirt when they join the team. After October 1, suits may be purchased for a discounted rate. Suits will be sized on deck at the beginning of the season to ensure the best fit for your swimmer.

Additional caps are available for $15. Please contact Jolanthe Erb regarding any needed team gear.


Practice Suits & Tech Suits

Swimmers are encouraged to wear their team suit  and cap during practices at meets. Some swimmers prefer to wear a different cap, or no cap, for practices, but the Gators cap must be worn during meets.

Tech suits may only be worn by swimmers 13 and older per USA Swimming guidelines. Coach Scot recommends swimmers save the use of their tech suits for focal meets (championship and meets trying to qualify for championships). You can read more in our June 2021 newsletter HERE.