Registration Fees

Each swimmer will pay a non-refundable registration fee that is due at registration and before any swimmer may begin practice. This fee is payable only one time each swim season and includes the USA Swimming registration fee. Fees may vary from season to season and no discounts will be applied to this fee.

Payment Plans

The year-round cost of each program group may be paid either in a single one-time payment or divided into monthly payments. Registration fees are paid separately from program fees. Current program fees are available for viewing above.

  1. Single Payment: A single payment for either the 9-month or 11-month program will be charged up front on September 1 (or soon after) and includes a 10% discount on year-round program fees. Families with more than one swimmer may also take advantage of an additional swimmer discount of 10% on the lower priced programs. No discounts will be applied to registration fees. If a swimmer chooses to withdraw from the program prior to the season’s end, any fees reimbursed will be calculated based on the FULL monthly fees and not discounted rates.
  2. Monthly billing: Families will be charged all program fees on a monthly basis via our secured automated electronic billing system on the 1st of each month. Registration fees will be paid prior to swimmer joining the team, regardless of when swimmer joins the team. Families of multiple swimmers will be eligible for discounts as mentioned below.

Family Discount Plan

Our team offers a family discount plan where the swimmer in the highest-level program is charged the full fee. The second will receive a 10% discount on monthly dues and each additional swimmer in the family is entitled to a 20% discount on their dues.

No discounts are offered for clinics.