Virginia Gators of Harrisonburg


Calendars for December Practice Schedules by Group *please note any individual changes on the master schedule above*:

Pre-comp:  January (see above)

AG Development: January (see above)

JDP: January (see above)

Pre-senior:  January (see above)

Senior/National:  January (see above)

Attendance Policy

Attendance at every practice offered is encouraged, but not required. 

"In our experience, all teams have swimmers with varying levels of commitment. While we would never discourage any athlete from being a well-rounded student athlete, our experience is that your attendance will always affect your development and enjoyment within the sport, positively or negatively. As with any activity that requires commitment and skill acquisition, time on task is the most critical component of mastery. We don’t believe in making swimmers feel guilty about missing practice but rather, have them feel motivated to have the best attendance they can manage."