Senior Program

ages 13 and older

Swimmers in this group have a high level of competitive swimming experience. Dry land training, endurance, conditioning, and stroke refinement continue to be emphasized. In addition, race strategy, competitive skills, goal setting, and an understanding of time standards are emphasized. 

Strength & weight training will be offered up to twice a week for all seniors during the 2022-23 season through a certified functional strength coach and personal trainer.

A 15/older Senior Program is offered to swimmers who are sophomores and above. The 15+ program offers higher intensity morning practices focused on additional technique and stroke refinement. This group is not mandatory for those who are sophmores+, but swimmers must be at least a sophmore in high school to attend.

Competition is strongly encouraged for this age group.

Practice Sessions: recommended 5-9 practices weekly

Practice Times: HERE


Training Equipmentkickboard, pull buoy, fins, paddles, snorkel, & mesh bag (please see our list HERE for more information)


Head Coach: Scot Budde | Assistant Coaches: Alaina Park & MJ Saunders