Bingo Fundraising Program

The Virginia Gators (RVSI) operate Gator Hall on Williamson Road in Roanoke.  The Virginia Gators host bingo on Wednesday and Thursday nights starting at 5:15.  The bingo program serves as our primary fundraiser and is an important part of our financial success.  Most bingo jobs are worth one credit per night and require no prior experience.  Specialty jobs which earn 1.5 or 2 credits per evening are available.  These jobs require training and a strong working knowlege of the bingo program.

All families with swimmers in the senior or gold groups are responsible for 12 bingo fundraising credits per year for the team.  Families with mighty gator swimmers are responsible for 6 bingo fundraising credits per year.  Other groups are not responsible for any bingo credits.  Bingo credits are not compounded.  A family is only responsible for the required credits for the swimmer in the group with the largest commitment.  For example, a family with a gold swimmer and a mighty gator swimmer is responsible for 12 bingo credits because gold requires more than mighty gator.

Bingo responsibilities can be fulfilled in three ways.  First, a family may work bingo sessions at Gator Hall on Wednesday or Thursday nights.  Second, a family can opt out of working bingo and pay a $75 per bingo credit opt out fee.  This is usually billed monthly.  Third, families may sell advertising banners to be displayed at the GAC.  Each banner can be purchased for $600 and is worth 5 bingo credits.  Banners are displayed at the GAC for one year.

Bingo may also be used for fee reduction for families.  Once a family has fulfilled its required fundraising credits, additional bingo sessions may be worked to reduce monthly training fees.  Each bingo credit worked beyond the required number reduces the family's monthly bill by $50.  For example, if a family with a senior group swimmer wanted to reduce fees by $100 per month, they would need to complete 36 bingo credits during the year.  Twelve would be required and 24 (two per month) would be worked for fee reduction.  Bingo credits can be worked at any time during that swim calendar year (September-August).  Bingo credits cannot be exchanged for cash.  The number of fee reduction bingo spots available depends upon the number of families who would like to participate in the fee reduction program.

For additional information about the bingo program, please contact Rebecca Muzzy at [email protected]