How Much Does It Cost To Join the Gators?

Explanation of Fees

Registration Fee:  Registration fees for swimmers in all groups include USA Swimming membership fee (required for insurance purposes), a team cap and team t-shirt.  Blue, Mighty Gator, Gold and Senior Groups include a Premium USAS membership, as these swimmers are encouraged to compete in multiple and championship meets throughout the season.  Gator Prep 1, Gator Prep 2, and Gator Eggs have the option to choose a premium membership or a flex membership.  The Flex membership allows swimmers to compete in 2 non-championship meets per year.  A flex membership is ideal for the beginning swimmer who may not be ready to compete in travel or championship meets.

Facility Fee:  The facility fee is a once annual, per family charge.  This fee helps to offset the cost of maintaining our team owned pool facility, including utilities, repairs, chemicals, and general maintenance.

Monthly Training Fee:  Training fees are dependent upon the group that your are swimming in.  They are billed monthly on the first of the month.  These fees help cover payroll for our staff.

Meet Entry Fees:  Meet fees are set by the team hosting the meet.  They usually include a per event charge, as well as a surcharge for any swimmer entered in any capacity.  These fees are billed to individual families as they are incurred and vary based on the number of meets and events the swimmer participates in.  Relay fees are divided between the four participating swimmers.  If a swimmer is registered for and entered into a meet, but doesn't attend, the team is still billed for those events, and the family will be expected to pay the fees.

Coach Travel Fees:  Coach travel fees are assessed to each swimmer attending a meet.  These fees help offset the cost of transportation, food, and lodging for our coaching staff.  They may vary dependent upon the distance traveled to the meet, length of the meet, and number of swimmers attending the meet.  They are billed with meet entry fees as they are incurred.

Bingo Opt Out Fee:  The bingo opt out fee is assessed to any family who chooses not to work their bingo fundraising commitment or to sell banners to meet their bingo commitment.  The bingo opt out fee is $75 per bingo credit.