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Training Fee


Registation Fee Facility Fee Bingo Commitment

Summer Training Fee


Gator Eggs $165/10 week session $50 $85 N/A N/A
Gator Prep 1&2

$75/month (2 day)

$125/month (4 day)

$50 $85 N/A N/A
Blue $125/month $165 $150 N/A $200
Mighty Gators $155/month $165 $150 6/year $300
Gold $185/month $165 $150 12/year $500
Senior $200/month $165 $150 12/year $600
Masters $35/month N/A N/A N/A N/A

Additional Information 

**Registration fee for gator eggs and gator prep groups includes USA Swimming Flex membership, team cap, team t-shirt

**Registration fee for blue, mighty gators, gold, and senior goups includes USA Swimming Premium membership, team cap, team t-shirt, and team suit if registered by 9/15/21.  If registered after 9/15/21 registration is $130 and does not include a team suit.

**Sibling Discount (applies to blue, mighty gator, gold, and senior groups only):  $10 discount on monthly training fees for second child, $20 discount for 3rd child, and $10 discount for all additional children.

**5% discount applied for payment in full of yearly training fees by 10/1/22.

**All fees paid by credit card are charged a 3.5% processing fee.