Go Pink!

Tessa Muzzy

The majority of fundraisers our team hosts typically benefit our local team. For the next several weeks and through the month of October, our team is hosting a different fundraiser - one that will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (bcrf.org). 

This has been an idea in the works the last several months from our Harrisonburg Gator friends, and one we knew our teams would wholeheartedly support. Many of us have friends or family who have been impacted by breast cancer, including Harrisonburg's Coach Scot and his family. Here's a note from Coach Scot sharing his personal connection. 


Dr. Melissa Adams-Budde was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in January of 2015. She fought a brave battle with dignity, character, poise, and eternal optimism. She succumbed to her illness almost five years later.  

Most everyone knows about breast cancer. Melissa’s experience has probably saved many of her relatives’ lives, as most of them have done genetic testing and now know to act on the first signs of the disease.  

So the most frustrating aspect for us wasn’t awareness; this disease has been in our population for centuries, but the treatment is sometimes guesswork. My hope is that research will lead to better treatment plans resulting in better life extension.   

We will sell pink Gator caps along with Gator t-shirts that I hope our swimmers will wear to meets during the month of October.  All proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Coach Scot

Our team has two ways we can join together and raise funds over the next several weeks: a special T-shirt and pink cap as well as a general fundraising page with the  Breast Cancer Research Foundation


  1. Tshirts and PINK Caps - These limited edition Virginia Gator T-Shirts and pink caps will only be available until Sunday, September 25th. Caps will arrive in time for the meet in Richmond, and T-shirts will arrive in time for our meet in Roanoke. ALL profits from both T-shirts and caps will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Visit our team store HERE!
  2. Donate directly to the Gator's Breast Cancer Research Foundation fundraising page. 

Feel free to share both the T-shirt fundraiser and our team's fundraising page with your friends and family! All shirts ordered through our team store will be delivered directly to our team. 

Don't forget: the t-shirt/cap fundraiser ends on Sunday, September 25th, but we will keep the Breast Cancer Research Foundation fundraising page open through the end of October.