Virginia Gators Swim Club

The Virginia Gators Swim Club is a confederation of developmental swim teams that promote personal excellence through competitive swimming.

In Central Virginia, we offer teams in Charlottesville at the Fairview Pool, Crozet at the Crozet Park Aquatic Fitness Center, and Waynesboro at the Waynesboro YMCA. The teams are separate entities, but provide an enhanced swimmer experience through a cooperative framework.


The Gators practice year-round in the 6-lane 25-meter pool at the  Fairview Swim and Tennis Club, a private not-for-profit club located at 707 Belvedere Blvd., Charlottesville, VA 22901. Membership with Fairview is not a requirement for swimming with the Gators, nor is participation on Fairview's summer swim team that is part of the Jefferson Swim League

To provide year-round swimming, an 11,000 pound air-supported dome, also known as "the bubble", is assembled and inflated over the pool from September-May to form the Gatordome. Both the air and the water are heated to provide a comfortable space for swimmers and family members. Since 2000, the Gatordome has provided much-needed swimming space for a wide variety of year-round swim programs ranging from the Virginia Gators of Charlottesvillle competitive and recreational swim club, to high school swim teams, a scuba program and a synchronized swimming team, to benefit Charlottesville and Albemarle county residents. In 2018 we installed a new Bubble and water heater providing the Gators with a more energy efficient and reliable home!

"Bubble Up"(September) and "Bubble Down"(May) are similar to an old-fashioned barn-raising where swimmers, friends, and parents--people from all walks of life, and all ages--come together in the true spirit of teamwork to work side-by-side. It is a Gator tradition that is not to be missed.

Interested in more information about the bubble? Take a look at these short videos: Bubble Down, May 2013Bubble Up, Sep. 2010,  Bubble Up, Sep. 2011