The Virginia Gators is a developmental swim team that promotes personal excellence through competitive swimming.

In this, the 21st season of the Virginia Gators in Charlottesville, we are also excited to unveil a new practice group structure and practice times that we hope will allow the most committed swimmers to practice up to 8 times per week, while still offering programs that encourage multi-sport athletes the opportunity to enjoy swimming and continue to improve. We are also reintroducing Saturday options for all groups to offer more practice flexibility.  We are also pleased to welcome Head Senior Coach Alex to our program!

Program Fees:

While the Coronavirus pandemic has caused financial strain to our club, we plan to keep costs roughly in line with last season. We will continue to offer both Lump Sum and monthly payment options for most of our programs, although we will ask our Gold groups to make a commitment to at least 9 months of participation in our Gator program, in order to ensure our coaching and facility planning through the entire short course season, which runs from September through the end of February.  All other groups will be offered the month to month flexible option that has been so popular with our Gator programs.


Because of the uncertainties of Coronavirus planning within the state and our local school system, it is difficult for us to know with certainty if we can offer full groups at the times and sizes we envision. Therefore, this year we will offer a pre-registration for all Gator programs. Pre-registration will open in early July. A $100 pre-registration fee will be charged for all swimmers desiring to participate in 2020-2021 Gator programs. The pre-registration fee will hold your swimmer’s spot in their chosen program (subject to approval by coach) until we are able to confirm our times and group sizes. We will have a limited number of pre-registration spots in each program in order to guarantee participation for those who pre-register. Additional spots, if available, will open as soon as we are able to determine our maximum capacity for the season. The pre-registration fee will be applied to your Gator program and administrative fees upon final registration but because it will be used as a guarantee of a spot, it cannot be refunded if a swimmer decides not to participate.

Volunteering and Fundraising:

The gifts of volunteer time and financial support are crucial to the success of our small, non-profit organization, especially with the added strains that Coronavirus has placed on our club. However, we recognize that these same strains are affecting all of our families as well. For this reason, among others, we will no longer require a volunteer commitment, or charge families who are not able to volunteer. However, we do continue to have needs that need to be met by volunteers or increased family donations or financial support. We are reorganizing our volunteer categories to offer specific ways that you can select a way to help the Gators as early as when you register, and know what that volunteer job will entail throughout the season. We also plan to reemphasize our passive fundraisers and offer new, creative ways to financially support the Gators, such as through gifts-in-kind, partnerships with your family business, or offering physical help to the Gators that will allow us to reduce expenses. We hope you will join with us in finding creative and meaningful ways to help our team.


Please see the following links for more information about the Fall program:

Practice Groups