Virginia Gators of Charlottesville

Since 2000, the Virginia Gators of Charlottesville has offered high-quality swim training from beginner to elite with a focus on balancing physical, social, and emotional development in assisting swimmers to reach their personal goals. Head Coach JJ Bean, in his 23rd year leading the Gators, is committed to providing a personal approach to helping every swimmer improve every day. 

This Fall we will begin practices on September 6th at Fairview Pool until September 18th. We will then move to the Key West Swim Club outdoor, heated pool until September 30th and finally to our fall indoor home at Crow Pool on Rose Hill Drive in Charlottesville until the Fairview renovations are completed and our Bubble goes up again. 

We are excited to announce our programming for the 2022-2023 Virginia Gators! The Gators have a program for all levels from beginner through elite and pride ourselves on our personalized approach to swim training. Your swimmer will never be just another cap in the water with the Gators.

Please use the sub-tabs to navigate through our programs, schedules and fees details. Our registration will open on July 1. We do not require evaluations for our swimmers, but if you would like to meet with Coach JJ Bean to determine the best group for your swimmer, please email us at [email protected]

Please note that there is a significant change to USA Swimming Club swim registration all over the country this year. USA Swimming is separating its registration process from the swim club registration process. To that end, once you register your swimmer with the Gators, you will need to separately register your swimmer with USA Swimming through their website before your swimmer can join our practices. USA Swimming provides our insurance as well as certifying swim meets and tracking times, thus, we cannot have any swimmers who are not USA Swimming registered. Flex memberships are available for swimmers under age 13 who do not intend to participate in more than 2 non-championship level meets at a cost of $30 per season. Premium memberships are for swimmers intending to participate in 2 or more regular meets and championship meets or for swimmers ages 13 and older. The fee for a Premium membership, which includes the required Virginia Swimming membership, will be $86. Swimmers who are 13 and older and are wishing to do a High School Prep only season (limited to 150 days and no meets above Sr Champs) may select a seasonal membership for $43. We will provide an email link and assistance to parents with making this change. Those whose swimmers were Gator members last year should have active USA memberships and will not need to renew right away. Current registrations expire in December. We have reduced our annual membership fee significantly to ease the financial burden of this change.