Virginia Gators Swim Club

The Virginia Gators Swim Club is a confederation of developmental swim teams that promote personal excellence through competitive swimming.

In Central Virginia, we offer teams in Charlottesville at the Fairview Pool, Crozet at the Crozet Park Aquatic Fitness Center, and Waynesboro at the Waynesboro YMCA. The teams are separate entities, but provide an enhanced swimmer experience through a cooperative framework.

Note: Placement in all programs is contingent on coach approval. Questions about appropriate placement may be directed to [email protected].

Age Group Programs:

Our youngest swimmers will be served by a succession of Age Group programs that will lead them from learning the competitive strokes through success at statewide competition levels and beyond.

● Age Group Prep will help learning swimmers develop their competitive strokes. This group will meet twice per week
● Age Group 1 is for elementary school swimmers perfecting their competitive strokes and beginning to enter competitions. This group will be encouraged to practice 2-3 times per week
● Age Group 2will focus on 8-12 year old swimmers who can swim legal competitive strokes and are developing endurance along with a desire to successfully compete at higher level meets. This group will practice 3 days per week
● Age Group 3 will serve 9-12 year olds who desire to achieve success at state championship meets. This group will be asked to attend 3-4 practices per week

Junior Programs:

Our Junior programs are directed towards swimmers in 6 th to 8 th grades and are offered in a competitive or a recreational track

● Our Junior Group will serve multi-activity swimmers who desire to keep improving their swimming but are not ready for practice commitments or high level meets. Swimmers will be encouraged to attend at least 3 practices per week, but will be offered 3 day and 6 day options.
● Our Junior Gold group is ready for a high commitment to swimming through multiple practices per week and frequent high-level meet participation with a goal of success at statewide championship meets. Swimmers will be required to attend 4-5 practices per week. This group will require a coach invitation

Senior Programs:

Our Senior programs are directed primarily towards high school students and offered in a competitive or recreational track.

● The Senior group is a great program for high schoolers with multiple sports or activities who desire to be successful at the High School level of swim competition. There are no performance or practice requirements for this group but will offer 5 or more practices per week plus dryland
opportunities to make the most of the athlete’s busy schedule. This group is also ideal for swimmers who previously participated in our High School Prep program. There will be both 3 day and 6 day options for this group

● The Senior Gold group is for our most committed swimmers who desire to reach the top competitive levels of swimming, including national competitions and possible collegiate swimming. There are performance qualifications for this group and practice expectations. 8 in water practices will be offered weekly, along with structured dryland. This group is by coach invitation. The minimum age for this group will be 13 years or 8th grade

Long Course:

Please click HERE for updated long course information.