The Virginia Gators is a developmental swim team that promotes personal excellence through competitive swimming.

Volunteer Policy and Information

Swimming is a labor-intensive sport and, like most swim clubs, we depend upon support from our parent volunteers to help run a wide range of swim club operations, contributing to the overall success of our club. The swim year runs from September through May and there are plenty of ways for parents to contribute time and talents.  

Volunteer Requirement

All Gator families are expected to fulfill a minimum volunteer obligation of at least 3 service hours per quarter. This is in addition to Bubble Up and Bubble Down when all families are expected to pitch in. The volunteer requirement can be satisfied by timing at meets, officiating, working event parties, public relations, marketing activities or chairing a committee. Members can opt-out of the volunteer requirement with a $50 payment per volunteer hour. Our volunteer policy is intended to share the workload and we appreciate the many families who go well beyond these minimum levels each year.  

Volunteer for a swim meet job

All families, regardless of their volunteer obligation, are expected to time (or officiate if certified) at swim meets in which their child participates. Go to the desired swim meet, under Meets & Events, on our website, then click on the “Job Sign Up” button and follow the steps to register your commitment. Please note that these jobs are on a first-come, first-served basis, so please sign up quickly.  The swim meet volunteer coordinator will assign timing jobs to families of swimmers who have registered for each meet. Those families will be responsible for filling those slots even if they do not travel with their swimmer.

Volunteer for a non-swim meet job

We will provide an online signup for committees, planned volunteer needs and weekly tasks. You can also always as JJ what can be done while you are at practice or look for notices on the bulletin boards at the pool. There is always something to be done, from sweeping the deck to filing ribbons to helping with computer needs or even washing dishes! Every job that a volunteer does means more of your money goes to programming and facilities and less to paid maintenance or administrative help. 

Volunteer to serve on the Board

As a non-profit, volunteer Board, we value our members' backgrounds and diverse set of skills ranging from financial, managerial, legal, human resources, to facilities and operations experience.  All parents interested in joining the Board are encouraged to do so.  Please note that members can self-nominate and nominations can be anonymous. Please visit the following pages on our website for more information: Board of Directors and By-Laws.

Payment In Lieu Of Volunteer Hours

Parents may elect to opt-out of the volunteer requirement and make a payment to the club of $50 per hour unfulfilled. Though we would much prefer you to volunteer your time, this fee will allow us to hire the necessary people we need to provide the best competitive opportunities for the athletes.

Unfulfilled Hours

Families with an unfulfilled volunteer commitment will be billed $50 per hour unfulfilled at the end of each quarter on December 1, March 1, and May 1. This will be charged to your account. Families who leave the Gator program prior to the end of their contract will be responsible for volunteer hours equivalent to one hour per month of participation. This obligation must be filled by service or will be charged to your account. If you have been awarded a refund of dues, the amount will be subtracted from your refund.


Please email the Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about ways you can help.