The Virginia Gators is a developmental swim team that promotes personal excellence through competitive swimming.

Board Nominations

As a non-profit, volunteer Board, we value our members' backgrounds and diverse set of skills ranging from financial, managerial, legal, human resources, to facilities and operations experience.  All parents interested in joining the Board are encouraged to do so.  Please note that members can self-nominate and nominations can be anonymous. Please visit the following pages on our website for more information: Board of Directors, By-Laws, and Volunteering.

Timeline & Process

  1. Nominating Committee is formed consisting of the President, Secretary and a board member, to serve as Chairperson. (February)

  2. Secretary asks Board Members, with terms expiring, if they would like to be considered for another term in their current, or another, position. (February)

  3. Secretary sends notification to all members stating which board positions are open for the following year. (February-March)

  4. Members interested in serving in any of the open positions are asked to inform the Chairperson. Nominations can be anonymous and members can self-nominate.(March)

  5. The Chairperson will confirm that candidate submissions have been received for each open board position. If not, the Nominating Committee will comprise a list of individuals to be contacted to discuss serving on the board. (April-May)

  6. The Nominating Committee will contact each nominee to ask that they confirm and accept the nomination. (May)

  7. A slate of candidates is presented for approval by the Board. (June-July)

  8. Once the Board has approved the slate, the Nominating Committee will notify the candidates that they will be presented for approval by a member vote. (September at Fall Parent Meeting)

  9. The slate is approved by a simple majority. (September at Fall Parent Meeting)

  10. New board members assume role. (September)