Williamsburg Aquatic Club

Parent Support Details

As a non-profit swim club, WAC relies on parent support to host meets, act as meet officials, organize social activities, and support overall club operations.  These club support commitments are essential to the vitality of our club. The information below outlines clear expectations for WAC families. Families are expected to complete their club support commitments as outlined below:

General Club Support

The club needs each family to volunteer for one general work commitment.  It is expected that parents actively participate in the planning and execution of events associated with the committee. This means serving as a chair or on a committee, acting as a level liaison, etc. Our general club support options include:

  • Bathhouse Maintenance (weekly rotation)
  • Bubble Maintenance (as needed)
  • Level Liaison – coordinate social activities and raffle activities for one swim level
  • WAC Attack – collect information and write monthly newsletter
  • USA Swimming Official
  • Fundraising (fall raffle, meet programs, spirit nights, golf tournament)
  • Awards Banquet (Spring)
  • Holiday Party (Winter)
  • Online Spirit Wear Store (ongoing with set store times)

Swim Meet Support

  • When WAC hosts a meet (4 per calendar year), at least one family member is required to sign up to volunteer during the meet if your swimmer is enrolled during the session of the meet. Please put these dates on your family calendar once the meet schedule is available.
  • Non-WAC hosted meets also require parent support. If your swimmer(s) is (are) swimming during a non-WAC hosted meet, at least one parent is required to sign up to time. Please sign up prior to the meet so we do not have to ask for help to fill the schedule during the meet. Timing at these meets does not count toward your responsibilities during the WAC meets.
  • Credits for meets will be tracked for each meet by sign in sheets. These sheets will be available for you to sign in and receive credit for your time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have signed in at meets to receive club support credit.
  • Level G parents are not required to provide swim meet support, but parents are welcome to do so, as it will help the team and allow parents to learn more about swimming as a sport.

Club Raffle Support

  • All families are required to participate in the club raffle fundraiser during the fall. This requires each swimmer to sell $150 worth of raffle tickets. Maximum $300 per family.
  • Level Liaisons will distribute the tickets to each family. It is the family’s responsibility to return the money and ticket stubs to the Level Liaison by the established deadline.
  • Families can pay for any unsold tickets Any unsold tickets will be billed to the family in the subsequent month following the raffle.
  • Families joining WAC after the raffle will be billed the $150/swimmer (max $300/family) fundraising fee.


Please note that our club support commitments are designed to meet the essential needs of the club. The club is best served by families fulfilling the club support commitments (general, meet, and raffle) outlined above.  Families who choose not to meet the club support commitment (general and meet) will be billed an additional charge of $200 at the end of each season (short course or long course). Partial completion of the club support commitment will result in a $100 fee at the end of each season (short course or long course).  

Families who leave the club prior to the end of a session or season will be contacted by the Team Administrator to follow up regarding an assessment of parent support fees.

A general club support sign up link will be sent out to the membership just before or just after the start of the first swim session of the year. If you join WAC later in the year, be sure to sign up for a club support commitment via the link on the website.