If you are interested in becoming an official please sign up for the initial clinic  via a the Virginia Swimming Website.  


Swim teams across the country are always looking for folks to step up and become a volunteer within the sport of swimming.   There is no better way to help this great sport than to become an official.  Without officials, our swimmers would not be able to enjoy the sport they have grown to love.   Most meets require 13 officials per session to run smoothly.  Since most meets have 4 sessions over 2 days, that's 52 officiating slots per meet!  There are different types of positions, so you're sure to find something that appeals to you:

  • Wet Deck Officials - stroke and turn judges (can advance to chief judge, starter and referee)
  • Dry Deck Officials - timing equipment operators, timing judges and recorders

We at WST are always looking for parents willing to invest a small amount of time to receive such great benefits including a front row seat to all your children's swim meets, learning the details of how the sport runs and becoming a member of a great group of people!   There are SO many officials on deck who attend weekly meets and their children are grown and having children of their own.  It becomes a hobby to many folks.  If you are interested in becoming a member of this great group of people the first step is our annual official’s clinic held each fall September or October.  A date is usually released late August as to when the meeting will occur.  If you have any questions please email our Team Officials Chair Kelly Warnagiris, [email protected]  Hope to see you all on deck in the near future!! 

Stroke & Turn Certification Process

Initial Education and Training:

Training at Swim Meets:

  • Shadow 3 sessions with a trainer - no more than 2 session per meet.
  • Work 3 sessions making calls with a mentor (white collar golf shirt and navy blue shorts/skirt/pants & white sneakers) - Please Note - before making calls, USA Registration, Background Check, Athlete Protection Course as well as Creating a USA-S Account, must be completed.
  • Submit your completed certification card to your District Chair - [email protected]  

How to Register with USA Swimming:

In the past all swim teams registered their athletes and non-athletes with USA Swimming.  As of September 1, 2022 USA Swimming is updating their website and also requiring each swimmer and non-athlete (coach, official, board member) to register individually with USA Swimming.  

We have been instructed by Virginia Swimming to follow a 2 step process for the registraiton.

1 - any swimmer or non athlete who was registered with USA swimming during the 2021 - 2022 season which includes summer swimmers, should wait till the end of October or beginning of November 2022 to register for the 2023 season.  These swimmers and non-athletes are currently registered through December 31, 2022.  The link to register is posted below.    You can not register without this link.  Step by step instructions are linked below with screne shot on how to create your new account with USA swimming and how to register including which type/level of registration. 

2 - any swimmer who is new to WST and USA Swimming should register asap.  An email was sent to these families with the link to create an account and to register.  If needed I am available to meet individually during swim practice to help with this process.  Please email me [email protected] if you need in person assistance.   Deadline for new swimmers to register is Wednesday, October 5, 2022.  If swimmers are not registered by this date they will not be permitted to attend practice or swim meets until the registration is completed.  This registration covers insurance for all team members while swimming with WST.  







Additional Information:


Contact Information:

Virginia Swimming District Chair:   Mike Sizemore - [email protected]

WST Team Officials Chair:  Kelly Warnagiris - [email protected] - 703-283-9121