2022 Championship Meet Qualifying Times

     Short Course Yards

     Short Course Meters


2022 SVSL Meet Results:

     Season Summary Per Swimmer    

      WST vs. Stonebrook Country Club July 18, 2022

     WST vs. Winchester Country Club June 21, 2022

      WST vs. Clarke County June 25, 2022

      WST vs. Sherando July 2, 2022

      WST vs. Clearbrook July 5, 202



2021 SVSL Meet Results:

     WST vs. Clarke County July 3, 2021

     WST vs. Stonebrook and WCC July 6, 2021

     WST vs. Sherando July 13, 2021

     WST vs. Sherando and Winchester Country Club July 20,2021

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2020 Covid 19 Crush Meet Results


2019 SVSL Meet Results:

     WST vs Stonebrook Results per swimmer

     WST vs Stonebrook Results per event

     WST vs Stonebrook Team Score

     WST vs Clarke County Results per swimmer

     WST vs Clarke County Results per event

     WST vs. Clarke County Team Scores

     WST vs WCC Results per swimmer

     WST vs WCC Results per event

     WST vs WCC Team Scores

     WST vs Sherando Results per swimmer

     WST vs Sherando Results per event

     WST vs Sherando Team Scores