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WST 2022 Swim-A-Thon
Halloween Fun While Supporting Swim a Thon
Time: 4:00 PM
EIN: 20-2411904
Jim Barnett Park
Kelly Warnagiris Email
Please join us for our annual Swim-a-Thon. It's a great opportunity to have fun with your friends on the team while supporting WST!

What is a Swim-a-Thon?

Swim-a-Thon is a USA Swimming Foundation approved fundraiser used by swim teams all over the United States to raise money for their respective club. To raise money for Swim-a-Thon, swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

All swimmers of every age and level can participate! Younger swimmers will swim for an hour with a goal of 100 laps while older swimmers will swim for an hour and a half with a goal of 200 laps! Fins and kickboards are welcome!

With our athletes fundraising participation and your financial support, we will be able to provide critical support to our team. Your support of our Swim-a-Thon is very much appreciated!
Participants | Rank 0/121
$400.00 Haley Butler
$186.05 Finnian Berson
$150.00 Charlotte Hightower
$100.00 Laura Salley
$50.00 Grace Harrington
$50.00 Zachary Harrington
$50.00 Jordan Kinsey