Mission & Philosophy 

Team Mission Statement 

Victory Swim Team is the newest USA Swimming Club in East Tennessee! Victory aims to deliver a personalized and holistic swim club and swim sport experience. Our program offers consistent swim technique teaching, stroke and race analysis, up-to-date training methods and world-class coaching. Our mission is to help swimmers swim smarter and develop life skills, while striving to achieve their highest possible potential and personal goals. Simultaneously, Victory Swim Team strives to offer a safe and fun swim team environment, as the true benefits and rewards of swimming often happen in this setting. 

Coach’s Philosophy 

A life-long swimmer and the son of 2 teachers, Coach Pelant’s goal is to give each swimmer the best swim sport education possible to develop swimmers and athletes for long term success. However, the sport of swimming is simply the athletic backdrop which Coach Pelant uses to educate while helping swimmers form useful and positive practices/values/qualities that can be implemented and repeated their entire lives. This way, Victory’s swim program plays an essential role in teaching swimmers important life skills, such as: hard work, goal-setting, visualization, positive self-talk, to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, to make sacrifices, to strive for excellence, to persevere through adversity and compete with character, dignity and pride; all while developing a commitment to teamwork and personal success.

               "Don't talk yourself out of it; Talk yourself into it." 

                                                           - Coach Chris Pelant

Victory Team Philosophy 

While swimming is largely an individual sport, Victory IS a swim TEAM. We provide a safe and fun swim sport environment, encouraging new and lasting friendships.  Victory Swim Team operates as a network of support. We support each other. Period. 

                “The strength of the team is the individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

                                                         - Coach Phil Jackson 

Through skills development, building aerobic capacity, personal goal setting, perseverance and teamwork, Victory Swim Team develops swimmers for personalized long term success. Success can be defined in many different ways. We communicate with our members to help our families and swimmers to define their own vision of success. Regardless of the personal definition of success, Victory Swim Team encourages visualized goal-setting (whether tiny or HUGE) to attain one VICTORY! (whether tiny or HUGE). Then, we work towards a series of VICTORIES!

                 “Success is a series of small VICTORIES.” 

                         “The habit of persistence is the habit of VICTORY!” 

It is important to note that all humans always wrestle with failure along the way to success. However, failure need not deter our goals or our path to victory.

                 “Failure is not the opposite of success - it is a necessary part of success.” 

Coach Chris often says,

                 "With persistence, you will earn a Victory. A series of victories equals Success.  And a series of successes equals Excellence." 


Victory Swim Team challenges all swimmers who want to strive for excellence to chase their respective dreams and goals, through hard work, dedication, and positivity. 

                  “The Harder the Battle, the Sweeter the VICTORY!” 

Are you ready for your Victory?