About Us

The St. Croix Swimming Association/St. Croix Dolphins was established in 1972 as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization to provide a swimming facility and coaching resources for children and adults across the island of St. Croix. The St. Croix Swimming Assoication is devoted in promoting the sport of swimming and youth fitness on the island of St. Croix and developing good all-round kids. The facility is located on the campus of the Good Hope Country Day School and it includes a 50-meter six lane competitive pool along with a shallow 15-meter heated learn to swim pool.

The St. Croix Dolphins Swim Team encourges the development of youth in the Virgin Islands through competitive swimming, emphasizing always the importance of healthy living, fitness, sportsmanship, and education.
Our Mission
With that vision in mind, swimmers of all levels and abilities are valued members of our team. Every swimmer has a different goal to be attained from participation in this sport. Some wish to excel in competition, others wish to swim for fitnes; still others wish for the opportunity to make friends and have fun. While our program is designed as a "competitive swimming program," our coaches work hard to ensure fun and social activities remain a part of the program. The Dolphins Swim Team has the following objectives: *Provide opportunities for positive social and emotional development of the individual and encourage peer and family involvement. *Create a positive training environment that promotes high self-esteem and demonstrates the values of hard work, perseverance, commitment, self-discipline, and dedication. *  Provide opportunties and education regarding good health habits that last a lifetime. *Contribute to the goals of the Federation Internationale de Natation(FINA-the international governing body for the sport of swimming),  the Virgin Islands Swimming Federation (VISF), and Virgin Islands Olympic Committee (VIOC) in their efforts to build a broader base of experienced competitive athletes and to develop those who aspire to Olympic levels.  *Participate in the leadership, direction, and administration of swimming on the local, regional, and national level. *To provide an environment that not only encourages, but supports well-round student athletes, this in turn can provide collegiate opportunities. *Endeavor to be a model representative for youth sports in general and speciafically for teaching life skills that may be gained from competition and participation.

The two key values of the Dolphins are: “Every Child a Swimmer” and “Friendship through Competition.” While winning can be important, the learning, practice, development, and sportsmanship that friendly competition can build are of greater importance. Medals and trophies are nice, but the valuable lessons and personal growth that occur through participation in competitive sports last a lifetime. To honor these values, the Dolphins Swim Team offers a full range of swimming programs to meet the level and goals of any swimmer from beginners, Learn to Swim, through national and international level competition. Our philosophy is that world-class swimmers are best developed by first allowing children to be children, rather than by treating them as small versions of world-class swimmers! Our younger swimmers are encouraged to participate in activities that are fun, while developing skills that make them proficient in the water. As their confidence increases, they learn more details about proper stroke technique and practice longer drills, still keeping the “fun” in their lessons. We firmly believe that learning the basics of swimming is essential for all children and adults. Swimmers who continue with the team are encouraged to continually progress toward being the best that they can and to measure their success in terms of their personal improvement rather than by comparing themselves with other swimmers. Our swimmers develop personal, seasonal and long-term goals with the help of their coach and the measure their improvements against these goals.Throughout the program, swimmers are taught the importance of working to be the best they can personally be. We strive to instill a positive self-image and teach goal setting, basic time management (as swimmers have to balance practice time with homework time), commitment, dedication, sportsmanship, leadership, and team spirit in every athlete. Our focus is on the long-term development of the athlete.


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