Vallejo Aquatics Club believes in establishing the fundamentals and B.A.S.I.C.S. of this sport, as well as in life. The club’s goal is to develop great student - athletes into becoming great people through the sport of swimming.


“There is the RIGHT way! There is the WRONG way! Then, there is the VJO way!”

  • Doing things to the best of YOUR ability. Making sure that all of the small “easy” things are done well, as those are the foundations of bigger things to come. Each individual will have their own successes, so focusing on your own progress will only help the team’s progress. Making sure that each day is used as a forward step, not to stay the same.
  • Going above and beyond to help out others in need. Being a teammate and a person that others can trust and rely on. Having a positive influence on those you surround to do to others as you wish to be done for yourself.
  • Maintaining a positive perspective. Learning to shape your mindset and having the ability to rise up from any fall. Being able to do this will easily help with focusing on points #1 & 2. Take the L’s of the Losses and make them the L’s of Lessons Learned.

THE B.A.S.I.C.S. :

  • Balance : Finding and maintaining a balanced life is becoming increasingly more important for personal and mental health. Understanding that balance can be found in all aspects of our lives will only help our perspective on what is important at the time. Balance isn’t always going to be the same for everyone, and it won’t always mean to have equal parts. Balance is about finding time to fit your passions within your lifestyle. Balance can be found in many components of our life: health, happiness, home, social, school, sports, relationships, financials, hobbies and interests.
  • Attitude : Attitude is the key to your success. Your attitude, mindset, and perspective on things and events can determine how you react to each one. A lot of how we think and the decisions we act on are the direct result of our attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude doesn’t just happen, it is something that needs to be practiced and talked about often. An individual’s attitude can determine multiple things in our life - health, wealth, socialization, productivity, overcoming obstacles, relationships, and physical exercise.
  • Sacrifices : Sacrifice is often about prioritization and discipline. Since we don’t always have the space or time in our lives to accommodate all of the things we would like, learning to sacrifice something for what you want rather than making what you want, your sacrifice. This makes sense in many aspects of life, be it material possessions, relationships, career and business, sports, education, social status, or simply our comfort zones. At times, it can be the biggest sacrifices that lead to becoming the best decisions in our lives.
  • Intelligence : Intelligence is the ability to think, learn from experiences, problem solve and to adapt to new situations. Intelligence isn’t just about the ability to get good grades, but rather the competencies that can be used to perform a given task. It comes with the willingness to learn and then apply. It is the emotional intelligence that goes in hand with our attitude on how we connect with our feelings, how we turn intention into action, as well as make informed decisions about what matters most to us.
  • Compete : Having the ability to compete is super important in our lives. Competition is all around us 24/7. Competition is seen in sports, school, jobs, and even parenting. It is a natural instinct and also a key factor in our progress. Competing with others is important but more importantly we should be challenging and competing with ourselves daily trying to be better than we were the day before.
  • Simplicity : Keep it Simple, Silly! There is no need to complicate things when the basics work. Trying to take on too much or do too much usually leads to overthinking and unwarranted stress. It is usually when things get too complex, that there is a loss in sight of what the foundation is. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication because it isn’t about its bareness but rather the achievement of maximum effects with the minimum means. There is excellence in simplicity.


“Champions are brilliant at the B.A.S.I.C.S.!” - John Wooden

“Most of us forget the B.A.S.I.C.S. and wonder why the specifics don’t work.” - Garrison Wynn



Vallejo Aquatics Club is high on character development. Our character is fundamentally important to our success as it’s what truly makes us authentic. It makes us, US! It is the backbone of our personalities that help us achieve goals, get along and work well with other people, as well as being able to accept others from different societies and worlds. Character needs to be learned, developed, and practiced in order to be what we want it to be. Our character is built off of daily habits which will determine our successes or failures. VJO believes if the team builds itself off of going above and beyond the right way of doing things for ourselves - and the team  - that it will help positively promote and gain a higher level for our program and community.


  1. Team/Community > Individuals : The success of our team will not come from individuals who only care about their own success. The success of our team/community will come from the group of individuals (Coaches, Parents, and Athletes) who come together to do their part in order to help pick each other up and use their strengths for the betterment of the team.
    “The strength of a team is each individual member, however the strength of each individual member is the team.”
    - Phil Jackson.

  2. Execution over Times : VJO is not a team that chases times, but rather the execution of the task at hand. If things are executed to the highest level, the time drops will be there. “But Coach, isn’t swimming a sport that’s about time?” Yes! However, if our only concern is dropping time at every race - then the majority of the swimmer’s careers could be “failures”. The execution of fundamentals and basics are going to be priority at practices as well as at meets for our club.
    “Greatness is when an idea and the execution of that idea are simultaneous.”
    - Albert Einstein.

  3. Leading the Little Things : VJO wants to teach how to, and be examples of leaders. No matter the age or experience, leadership qualities will be taught and expected to be upheld. Having leaders - role models - on the team at all levels will only raise our standards as a club program. Every young student - athlete must see leaders and role models leading by example to understand what being a leader of the little things means. Little things such as, work ethic, being a representative of this team in public, helping others who are struggling, giving advice when it’s needed, being timely and disciplined, and so forth.
    “Leadership isn’t about titles or positions…It’s about one life influencing another.”
    - John Maxwell