“Vallejo Aquatics Club is committed to a standard of excellence that builds great people, to make great athletes. Based around values such as building a relentless work-ethic, teach a curiosity to allow growth for the mind, and instilling a passion to be fearless when getting after a goal. Vallejo Aquatics Club believes in establishing the fundamentals and the B.A.S.I.C.S. to the sport and to life, as the club’s goal is to develop great Student - Athletes.”

"If you can't swim with the Sharks, then get out of the Water!"



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The Shark Attack 1.16

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By Donny Mata

VJO Field Trip! 1/28/23

Coach Alisa and Coach Sophie want to invite the Junior and Hammerhead swimmers, along with their families, to watch the UCLA vs CAL duel...

By Donny Mata

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