SEASONAL CLINICS : Fall Clinic & High School Pre-Season Clinics

What are Seasonal Programs?
VJO hosts two different seasonal clinics in the year that are meant to provide athletes with an opportunity to progress their swimming skills past their normal seasons. VJO will host a Fall program for athletes 13 & Under as well as a High School Pre-Season Clinic for all high school eligible athletes. Both clinics will be used to help athletes learn and refresh their their skills and fundamentals of each stroke as well as their dives and turns. *All Clinic Swimmers must get a USA Swimming seasonal membership for insurance purposes and to eligible to swim in 2 meets a season.*

  • ​Fall Clinics : These clinics will be providing an opportunity for swimmers coming off of their Summer Rec. Season or looking to continue learning after their Summer Lessons program. These clinics will teach kids the FUN-damentals of each stroke as well as teach them the basic values neccessary to learn and grow in this sport.
         - Practices Monday - Thursday, starting at 6PM.
         - Swimmers in the 8 & Under groups will have in water helpers.
         - Fall Clinic Swimmers will be allowed to swim in two meets. 
              :: This year's (2023) meets include a meet in Sebastopol & a meet in Vallejo.

​  [ CLICK HERE ] to register for the 2023 Fall Clinic!


  • High School Pre-Season Clinics : The VJO preseason clinics will be used to provide athletes in high school a chance to get an early start on their high school season. It also gives some athletes a chance to learn or refine their stroke fundamentals to see if it gives them an opportunity to make their Varsity team. 
              - Preseason Clinics do not break any CIF rules or regulations.
              - Practices will be Monday - Thursday, starting at 4PM.
              - High School Preseason swimmers will be allowed to swim in 2 meets.
                   :: Meets TBA as clinic gets closer.  

Seasonal Clinics Equipment List, for practices:
All of the equipment on the list below will be used frequently at the practices to help improve the swimmers strength, feel, and conditioning for practice. Please make sure that your swimmer(s) have all of the following. [ CLICK HERE ] to buy equipment for Elsmore Swim Shop.

  • Goggles
  • Swim Cap
  • Form Fitting Practice Suits. *Nothing too baggy because it messes with the athlete's body position.*
  • Kickboard
  • Fins (Short)
  • Shoes for Dryland