VJO Masters Team

Vallejo Aquatic Club Masters Program is getting started back up after a year hiatus. VJO Masters offers a unique training opportunity designed specifically for our workout space and our patrons.  Qualified USMS registered coaching staff provides workouts easily adaptable to various skill levels and interest.  College swimmers in need of “off season” workouts and conditioning as well as Masters swimmer seeking strength and endurance in the water can all utilize the workouts to achieve their pool oriented goals.



  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
    5:30-6:30AM |
     with Coach Alisa or Coach Donny
    6:30-7:30AM | will be available with no coach, just a written work out!


  • $50.00 per month through Auto-Pay with VJO will include lane space and coaching resources.
  • $10.00 drop in fee to be paid on deck or added to your auto pay.  Arrangements can be made through the VJO treasurer at [email protected].
  • Continued annual registration with United State Masters Swimming (USMS.org) is required for liability and insurance reasons.  


Becoming a VJO Masters Swimmer

How do we get started:


USMS Membership       
Individual memberships with USMS is $60 for the 2023 calendar year. Each membership includes a subscription to the USMS Swimmer magazine, a national swimming and fitness publication. Membership also includes a supplemental accident insurance policy, borrowing privileges from our video tape library, and the privilege of participating in any of our pool and open water events, clinics and training groups.
How to Register with USMS?
You can register for USMS online. By registering online you will immediately become a member of Pacific Masters and will immediately obtain your membership number that allows you to enjoy the privileges of membership. You will be eligible to compete in any of the US Masters Swimming events. Pacific Masters alone offers over thirty swimming events during the year.
Go to the USMS Registration website to sign up.


Frequently Asked Questions
When can I swim?
Masters swimmers will be offered lane space with Vallejo Aquatic Club.  We will do our best to designate the lane closest to the ladder for Masters use.  Masters will be notified of VJO schedule changes and additional pool space via email.  (Occasional morning or Saturday workouts)


What if I don’t understand something in the workout?
Email, text, call the Masters Coach!  When you arrive on deck, you may also connect with the VJO Coaches for clarification however, be advised, prior to the Masters Workout they are conducting age group practice.

What if I have pain during or after a workout?
If a drill or technique causes you pain, stop doing it!  Follow up with an email to the coach and they can help you adjust for the future to avoid pain.  However, this does NOT substitute for medical care of advice.  Seek medical attention when appropriate!

What if I am not on auto-pay?
Auto-Pay will be required for inclusion in the email group.  If you prefer to send a check, please make arrangements with the VJO treasurer and she will notify the coaching staff to include you in the email.

How to register: Email  Blanca Prado, Membership Chair at [email protected] 
Questions:  Contact Coach Alisa 
                     [email protected]